Higher Consciousness Online 2017
Awakening to a Higher Frequency of Life

A Six-Month Online Course of Teachings and Practices

21 February to 5 September 2017




Accessing higher frequencies, dimensional realities, and embodiment practices ♦ Karmic imprinting and incarnational cycles ♦ Transgenerational and systemic shadow-work ♦ Subtle energy competence, spiritual alignment, and working with higher sources ♦ Sovereignty and Soul purpose work ♦ Energetics of personal and collective healing ♦ World-work: presencing collective fields and imprinting.


Join me in a new online invitation to higher consciousness. We will explore the frequencies of consciousness that have become available over recent months, inquiring into the radical implications of these for our lives, our world, and our evolution. We will deepen the subtle sensitivities and capacities that higher consciousness offers us and we will invoke healing within and beyond ourselves, as part of the emerging field of planetary consciousness work on behalf of our human family.

Further down this page you’ll find details on Course Content, Cost, and Registration. Down the right-hand side of this page you’ll see feedback from previous courses.


The Six Key Features of the Course

Nine two-hour live Video Classes: eighteen hours of interactive teachings of theory, demonstrations, practical exercises, inner work, and question-and-answer segments, with mp3 audio recordings made available soon afterwards. Classes will be held every three weeks, on Tuesdays at the same time – early morning or midday in North America, late afternoon in Europe (dates, times, and all practical details are below);

Regular Assignments between sessions: some of which you will explore in triad formation with two other people (either with other Course members or with any existing practice-partners you may already have), and some of which you will contemplate and study alone. The Assignments will support your embodiment of the frequencies and nourish a stronger container for next-level consciousness work;

An Overview of all Course Members: listing each participant’s interests and motivations, as well as their age, town/city and country. This will facilitate your finding practice-partners for the Assignments, and provide an overview of the subtle field for our work. In previous Courses, many members have formed enduring communities of friendship and practice which continue to nourish the widening field of this work;

An Online Private Page comprising written teachings, dialogue and feedback: where you may interact with me and others in our international cohort on a regular basis. Here we will engage our collective intelligence and share experiences of the emerging material. Three-week intervals between live Classes allow for plenty of input and dialogue on key themes, stimulating and deepening your practices, and I will sometimes offer tailored personal assignments and reflections too. This will be a private Facebook group-page, accessible only to Course members;

Transcribed teachings and dialogues: the live Classes will be partially transcribed to highlight teachings, guided inner processes, and key dialogues. Transcriptions of each Class will be emailed to you ready for the following Class;

Question-and-Answer Video Sessions: which will be supplementary to the main Classes, and aligned with the materials on the Private Page. In the Q&A’s, I will respond to how the Course is impacting upon your life – surfacing new areas for inquiry. These sessions will be scheduled as the Course progresses, and audio recordings will be available soon afterwards, as will partially transcribed dialogues from the sessions.

In addition, the Course offers these options

Three optional face-to-face Intensive Events where you may join me to deepen your embodiment of the teachings, and which will be aligned with the emerging Course content. These are scheduled for: Northern Switzerland 11-12 March (Collective Healing Work), London 17-19 March (Subtle Energy Work), and Northern California 22-25 June (Embodying a Higher Frequency of Life). In addition, there will be an intensive training in Higher Consciousness and Systemic Constellation work in Cologne, Germany 22-24 September (the June training in Canada is now full, information on the Cologne event will be available in March), and there will be an Open Week with me in the Findhorn Community, Scotland, from 30 September-6 October, all in 2017 and all bookable separately, more details are here;

An optional Private Mentoring Session with me, at a 20% discounted Course rate, to explore your learning edges and specific imprinting, receive a personal reading, and further integrate the teachings within your specific life-context. Private sessions last for up to 90 minutes and are bookable separately (more details below). In addition you are welcome to invite one or two practice partners from within our Course as silent witnesses, to support your deeper integration of the session afterwards.






To awaken to higher consciousness is to invoke ongoing transformation on a personal level as well as in your relationships and throughout your everyday life. To awaken to more consciousness collectively – together with other people in intensified relational spaces – is to invite higher states of realization and a fuller embodiment for us all of our potential and purpose.

My own journey through higher consciousness, and the experience of many people who work with me, is of these three key aspects which we will weave together throughout the Course:

1. Shadow work and healing

Higher consciousness practices bring light and movement to all those parts of yourself where, from an early age or through other incarnational and karmic experiences, you learned to hold yourself back from a full experience and expression of life.

In this Course, you will bring awareness to these inner wounded and often traumatised layers, learning more of their original function, purpose and etheric imprinting, and discovering how to uncover their hidden potential and gifts.

You will learn to draw upon more of your innate wholeness, unlimited resourcefulness and vast multidimensionality through the trinity of Spirit, Soul and Personality, as you bring healing to inner energetic structures, and open yourself to a fuller flowering of who and what you are.

2. Higher-order integrative perceptual skills and capacities

Through higher consciousness work you will deepen your sensitivity to subtle energies, inviting finer transpersonal impulses and becoming more available to inner states of realization.

Working through the Assignments in your triad-groups, and when alone, the suggested practices will nourish your shadow work and healing, contribute to the downloading of light and love into the space of the Course, and help you to raise and stabilize your personal vibration, as you embody higher frequencies of life.

Other significant secondary effects include more refined subtle-perceptual and psychic skills, and relational capacities. People who practice perceiving reality differently often come to literally perceive different realities – of higher dimensional frequencies. You will benefit from expanded perspectives, choices and opportunities, and live life more in service to that which is your essence, the divinity within.

3. Personal world-work

Higher consciousness work will enable a more mature integration of whatever you have previously been living from – and compensating for – unconsciously in yourself. Rather than continuing to recycle your conditioning and karmic imprinting through painful symptoms or crises, you will align more with your purpose at the level of Soul, and will be enabled to discern and contain more depth and range of experience at the level of the human collective too.

Within a systemic perspective, shadow aspects emerge from a context of collective transgenerational wounding. Through our practices, you will learn to presence and care for more of the traumatized core of our shared human history that is alive still in the world today.

You will become more sensitive to the emerging needs of our collective body, and more equipped to respond – through higher vibrational presence – in appropriate ways. When we engage in the field of this work, we are as available to the unmanifest future as we are to those inherited shadow structures that await our awareness. This is world-work, your next evolutionary step and invitation.


You are called to living, working or relating in ways that invite you to risk realising new dimensions of yourself. You have engaged in personal development processes, perhaps for some years, and sense that what you are reading here aligns with a deeper manifestation of your life purpose, even if you feel unsure of your next steps or direction.

In addition although not necessarily, you may be working with other people in a developmental or leading capacity, for instance as a coach, therapist, healer, or counsellor. If so, then you long to deepen the impact of your work, or you are feeling called to begin exploring ways to work with others but cannot relate to existing mainstream options. This Course will support and strengthen your next steps.

Minimum requirements

No previous experience of my work is required (although some contact with a form of higher consciousness or spiritual work will be valuable). For people who have worked with me online before, see “For participants in my previous courses” below;

Basic stability in interpersonal situations of some intensity or depth of process. I advise you not to join the Course if you have been diagnosed with any condition that would make continuity or depth of presence difficult for you, or if you are in need of an urgent intervention. As part of the registration process, you will be required to commit to self-care and -responsibility.


Your involvement

The Course is offered on a collaborative basis of teachings (transmission) and practices (active engagement). Please review your needs and expectations carefully and honestly. The Course is emergent by design and will be nourished by the quality of your conscious engagement, which will shape the material, impact upon the direction and depth of the journey and, crucially, determine the impact of the frequencies of consciousness upon us all.

If you seek exposure to teachings without needing to engage in practices and assignments then this Course is not yours and please do not apply. If you have come to a deeper understanding of mutual participation – one in which next-level realities are generated through higher frequencies and personal vibration, then I encourage you to the Course. You will be invited to demonstrate transparency and vulnerability in your personal processes, to take responsibility for your own spiritual unfoldment, and to support other people in theirs.

Our participation agreement

Specifically, (A) your work in triad formation with other people between the Classes, and (B) your contribution through reading and offering occasional questions and comments on our Private (Facebook) Page, will form an integral part of our work. I will proactively support you in both these commitments, as part of the energetic agreement that nurtures the field of our work, on behalf of the whole group. See also below if you already have practice-partners in other contexts.


Relational practices

Embodying Higher Consciousness work is fundamentally relational in three ways: within oneself, with other practitioners, and – through systemic and subtle work – with the whole human collective. In this Course we will be cultivating all three relationships through guided meditative inner work, through dialogue, small-group exercises and pair-work, through your triad practice spaces, and through our Private online Page.

The practices are not a fixed set of prescribed techniques. They arise and evolve through a space of participation, as emergent qualities of the moving field of this work. They are simple, accessible, and multi-layered. They require no previous experience whereas, for those who are experienced, they offer next-level access to wherever you are being called to explore the edge of your relational capacity and subtle sensitivities.

The Course is designed to seed and nourish contact and authentic relationship between participants. Previous courses – of teachings and active engagement – have demonstrated the profound impact of this approach, and have resulted in powerful ‘we-spaces’ of personal and collective realization. To reach out to and receive each other, to practice inquiry together through higher consciousness, to rejoice in and celebrate your adventures and discoveries with others, all constitute a potent pathway to transformation on many levels.

For participants in my previous courses

Each of my online courses builds on the previous ones. This new Course is an opportunity to dive more deeply into the next layers of the teachings and practices, especially those you seem to recognise. You will become a clearer vessel for higher consciousness as the frequencies we are working with become ever more grounded in your life, supporting you to stabilise there.

For those of you who joined me in last year’s Course, the depth of field that we co-created will enable further openings this year. I invite you to bring your sensitivities and the relational qualities nurtured through your triad spaces into this Course, and I feel excited to deepen with you there.


Day and times

The live video Classes are scheduled for TUESDAYS, every three weeks, generally in the morning on the West Coast of North America, around midday on the East Coast, and later in the afternoon in Europe, at the following times. Classes will last around 2 hours, starting at:

North America West Coast

8.30 a.m. PST (in the winter, for Class 1)
or PDT (after 12 March: summertime, from and including Class 2 onwards)

North America East Coast

11.30 a.m. EST (in the winter, for Class 1)
or EDT (after 12 March: summertime, from and including Class 2 onwards)

Central Europe

17.30 CET (in the winter, for Class 1 and 2)
or DST (after 26 March: summertime, from and including Class 3 onwards)

The UK

16.30 GMT (or UTC, in the winter, for Class 1 & 2)
or BST (after 26 March: summertime, from and including Class 3 onwards)


Classes will run over a period of 22 weeks, beginning in February 2017 and completing in August. Optional (free) Q&A video sessions may also extend beyond August for those who wish. Class numbers and dates are:

First Class: 21 February, Class two: 14 March, Class three: 4 April,
Class four: 25 April, Class five: 16 May, Class six: 6 June,
Class seven: 27 June, Class eight: 18 July, Final Class: 8 August.

Possible changes

Occasionally I may need to change the scheduled date (to another weekday), or slightly change the start-time. I will provide as much notice as possible, probably several weeks in advance. In previous Courses this has happened only once or twice. The supplementary Q&A sessions may be scheduled for a different weekday than the main Classes.


Our live Classes will be hosted on the Zoom online platform, which is free to use.

You’ll need a computer or other device with a built-in video camera so that you’re visible on the group screen, and will also need a headset with integrated microphone (not the microphone built into your computer or device). You’ll need a fast reliable Internet connection to optimise connectivity for us all and a quiet and private space in which to participate in the Class.

In case you miss a Class, an audio recording will be made available online shortly afterwards.

If you are not yet familiar with the Zoom platform: a live introduction

Zoom is accessible, high quality, easy and free for participants to use. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the system before our first Class. I invite you to join me therefore for a brief live technical introduction on FRIDAY 17 February, at the same time as our regular Classes will be: 8.30 a.m. PST / 11.30 a.m. EST / 17.30 CET / 16.30 GMT, where you will be walked through the main features. This technical introduction-session will be recorded for those who cannot attend, and you will be provided with full instructions and orientation from the Zoom website too.


Your regular online practice-spaces with two other people will form an integral part of the Course. At the start of the Course you will be provided with an Overview of all Course Members, compiled from short descriptions which each participant will submit. You will be invited to contact those individuals with whom you feel drawn, potentially, to practice. Your choices are not binding, and you’re encouraged to playfully explore and eventually establish a regular practice space with two other people, whom you will meet online between Classes, for an hour or so.

In previous Courses these practice spaces, where participants explore simple assignments, have been places of deepening connection and potent learning, and many of them are continuing still beyond the end of the initial Course.

For people who already have practice-partners in other contexts

You’re welcome to bring the Assignments into any other pre-existing practice spaces that you have been nourishing, if they are appropriate to what this Course is addressing, rather than needing to find new practice-partners here. You are NOT welcome to share the recordings, nor any written material, posts or transcriptions (other than Assignments) from this Course with people who are not Course members, so that the integrity of our own space here is maintained. Thank you for honouring this principle.

Alternatively, I encourage you to browse the Overview of Course Members that you will be receiving. It will constitute a rich resource for your further practice and deepening, and you will find meaningful resonance there with some other individuals, as you discern which levels of practice and experience do complement your own.


In previous Courses, we have found a private group-page (on Facebook) to be immensely impactful, as a place of deep dialogue, confrontation, intimacy, and transformative teachings and feedback.

I will be posting regularly on our page and inviting you to proactively share comments, questions and ongoing inquiries there. Experience has shown that this considerably leverages the collective intelligence of the group and Course field, and that such pages constitute valuable repositories and records.


All the key Course features are available as a complete package at a single price, payable in advance in one of these three currencies:

$ 490 (U.S. Dollars) / £ 390 (Pounds Sterling) / € 460 (Euros).

This cost includes an element to cover international payment-charges and currency conversion costs through PayPal. It does not include optional workshops and trainings, nor any private mentoring sessions, which are all bookable separately.

The cost is subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may change slightly on this page before the Course begins, up until your place on the Course is confirmed and payment requested.

I am committed to making my work as affordable and as accessible as possible. If you feel a strong calling to join the Course and are under some financial hardship then write to me explaining your circumstances and a suggested amount which may be possible for you to pay.


Admission is by application, to ensure a coherent higher consciousness container for everyone, and participation is not guaranteed in advance. Application is simple, involving these steps:

Write a short description – around 250-350 words would be ideal – of your motivation to join, including something on:

A: what attracts you or resonates with you here,
B: what you feel you can bring to the Course,
C: your background in spiritual, consciousness or healing work, and anything else about yourself that you’d like to share with other people,
Optionally D: any qualities or experience you would be looking for in possible practice-partners.
You don’t have to describe these 3 or 4 aspects separately unless that it helpful to you.

Email me your description, to: online@stephenbusby.com, including also:

E: your full name, age and your postal address, and finally:
F: tell me if you have no experience yet with the Zoom system.

If you are accepted onto the Course then an edited version of your written description will be used in the Overview of Course Members, which everyone on the Course will be reading. Your postal address will not be used or distributed in the Overview – just your nearest city/town and country, together with your email address. If you have not worked with me before and you know someone who has, then you could include her/his name for reference.

I will reply to your application by 11 February (two weeks before the Course begins), and give you information on how to pay for your place and prepare for our work together.

Places are limited and will be filled on a first-come basis once an application has been accepted, and payment received. Any remaining places may be available until 18 February.


Once the Course is underway, you are welcome to request a private online Mentoring Session with me, to explore your learning edges and further integrate the teachings within your specific life-context.

Sessions last for up to 90 minutes on the Zoom platform, are payable separately in advance, and are not recorded. You are welcome to invite one or two practice-partners from within our Course as silent witnesses, to support your deeper integration of the session afterwards.

The regular cost is discounted by over 20% for Course members, and will be the equivalent of £ 80 pounds sterling, at current rates, subject to exchange rate fluctuations and modifications.


I have been delivering online courses for over three years, as an integral part of my coaching and healing practice. I am based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland (read more here), and have worked internationally for over 35 years to help people fulfil their life-potential. More on my background is here, and on where my work comes from here.

For more context on how this work has evolved, see my chapter “Awakening Through We-Space to a Higher Frequency of Life” in the recent book “Cohering The Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in groups” (2016).


“I can’t express how powerful and inspiring this way of working is and how much hope it brings to the healing of the humanity. I appreciated your authentic presence that seemed to draw into the space a warmth and peace that was palpable. I am in awe of how deeply impactful the exercises were and how much I learned about the complexities of our human experience with so little cognitive processing. It feels like such a natural and intuitive expression of truth that once it is seen it seems to just fall into place.”

“I have become a more conscious host of the soul´s energy, and the heart is the center, communicating and receiving the world. I feel deeply touched and am grateful and humbled. Such gratefulness for having been guided to this place, Stephen.”

“I felt a ceiling in my life open wide after the course with Stephen, a ceiling I didn’t know was there. Its disappearance has allowed me a new kind of access to the vast field of interconnection that seems to be changing everything for me. My relationships with friends, family and clients are all unfolding in beautiful and surprising new directions. I feel that I am leaning into a new movement, something mysterious, evolutionary, and also very intimate and alive.”

“Stephen’s presence, uncompromising clarity, deep compassion and gentle guidance allowed me to inquire into the depths of my personal life-issues and patterns. His work is deeply personal and world-work at the same time; his wisdom and capacity to hold, guide and teach is invaluable and ever more needed. I wrote down: ‘Life will never be the same again’.”

“Gratitude for all you taught me this past year, I feel so very, very different – and have felt shifts in profound ways. My life is truly, radically different and I’m astonished at all that you gave.”

“I experienced Stephen’s online course as a clearly aligned and powerfully vulnerable space of learning to embody deeper collective perspectives and healing. Thank you from my heart.”

“I am so grateful for what I’ve learned here. To have crossed paths with you as a teacher touches my heart greatly. The ripple effect of your work is profoundly felt.”

“Thank you Stephen, more than words can convey. The space seemed to shine with especial beauty. Your work moved and inspired me deeply.”

“My gratitude for these last months in the course – it has brought me a lot and I feel excited at the new territories I’m expanding into. I feel more trust in my subtle sensitivity and am proud to have witnessed such deep clarity, wisdom and vulnerability.”

“A huge thank you Stephen, your ever-deepening presence created and nurtured a container which helped to facilitate the beautiful unfolding of so many souls.”

“I feel very grateful for having been part of the course, for the insights, deepening and refinement that came while walking together. I’m deeply grateful Stephen for your presence and wisdom.”

“Thank you Stephen for putting your love, light and heart into our group and its flourishing.”

“The witnessing presence that developed with committed practice has opened more space in my own body and I’m truly grateful for who and what we’ve been becoming together. Thank you all and thank you Stephen for your generosity.”

“Through continued practice and opening in my triads and sessions with Stephen I’m noticing a flow into the current of Yes and a greater spaciousness. Thank you all for your presence and love – it has been a wonderful Course and I’ve received far more than I ever imagined.”

“Thank you for the exquisite way you lead others and allow the unfolding paradigm of the Beloved to emerge in your work.”

“So much has deepened in my understanding and my being. I have a much greater trust in the somatic and intuitive arisings in me and am more fully surrendered to following the movements of my soul. Thank you – the deepening continues.”

“How grateful I am for all the gifts I have received from you. I feel there is still so much for me to learn – I have been forever changed and deepened by your work.”

“I was struck by how much is being done in this field, yet bringing all the theory and innovation into training formats and living relationships is clearly the cutting edge, and this is where you reside. Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“In your work I have found a home for a longing in me to integrate my love for the systemic approach in the depth, wisdom and simplicity of the mystic traditions. Thank you so much for sharing this work and the capacity, competence and love to manifest it and bring it to fruition in others.”

“I want to acknowledge you for the way you are allowing yourself to expand and expand and expand…  the way you keep upping the ante – honoring the shifts and movements in the course to be upgraded again and again. The way you honor and facilitate the emerging alignment with the higher human blueprint. For the ways you continue to allow yourself to ‘come out’ fully into this work, for the ways that you call that out in me and others, I thank you deeply.”

“In my experience of working with Stephen both online and in-person, I’ve been amazed at the way he has brought together awakening to higher levels of consciousness, working with the essential dimension of the soul, and the constellation work. I have never seen anyone integrate those different ways of working in the way that Stephen does and I’ve found that it has helped me access parts of myself that I didn’t know existed before.”

“In your presence I experience a profound level of clarity, humility and integrity. You are in touch with whom you are as a human being and encourage me to be that way too.”

“Each class has been strong, has released energy in me and has brought me to a much wider perception of reality and potential. This potential is manifesting itself through sensations of joy, freedom, strength, love, unity – It feels easy and powerful.”

“I feel such appreciation for the depth and richness of the work we’ve engaged in. A big thank you to Stephen and to all, what an honor to explore emerging capacities in sacred spaces with you. Such expansion, integration, deep discovery!”

“Throughout the course there was this new way of using unanswered questions as portals to things going on in my life. I appreciate the process of holding a question open long enough to allow new gestalts to suddenly emerge – thank you.”

“Riding the wave of all of this learning and sharing, and feeling my life changing for the better. Heartfelt thanks to Stephen and to everyone in the online community.”

“Thanks to each one of you for being here with me, and to dear Stephen for the way you weave the invitation in a way that compels me to enter so willingly the rich field of our togetherness. I’m stretching wider than I ever have – which is both scary and satisfying. A window has opened here…”

“Very touched by the subtlety and depth of this work… what is emerging into consciousness is profound.”

Stephen, thank you for the deep space of invitation that you’ve given me and all of us – for your way of using words to describe these wordless places – and for revealing the place of Soul in such a new and accessible way. I’m feeling profound shifts.”

“One of those courses where you think you know what and why you are doing something – and yet the journey itself and the place arrived surpasses all hopes and expectations.”

“Thanks to Stephen for the masterful and magical way he contained the space and gently nudged me to each deeper layer of possibility.”

“I wanted you to know how profoundly this Course and this community is effecting my life and how incredibly grateful I am for this practice.”

“Stephen has a unique way of crafting deep connection with what’s arising in the field. He is a master of holding safe containers where magic happens, and his presence has added a whole new dimension to my journey. I feel more sensitive to subtle energies and more connected to my own energetic container. I have an expanded sense of who I am and how I show up in the world, and highly recommend Stephen’s work to anyone called to bringing humanity to a place of greater coherence and peace.”


Updates on new and emerging projects, creative inspirations and invitations to get involved. News too of what colleagues and friends are doing in the wider field of this work. >>>

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Listen to short spoken extracts or to longer dialogues on aspects of Higher Consciousness work. There is also video and a long list of recommended reading – books and online. >>>



Meet with others engaged in this work: there are local contact people with news of events – either for my own work or with others involved in the field of higher consciousness. >>>