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Inquiring into the Self and the Collective

Some inspiring days this week in the Findhorn spiritual community, Scotland, inquiring into traumatised imprints at the level of Self and Collective, in this case the community itself, as a means of bringing higher intelligence and movement down into some of the wounded structures here. The group worked at the interface of individual and collective wounding: how our disowned inner structures are carried into and expressed through relational and organisational community issues and processes, which we then dissociate from, so as to ‘protect’ the wounding and its restoration within ourselves.

Using subtle relational practices and systemic work to explore, presence and host ourselves in higher vibrational ways, thereby inviting and allowing the light and grace of awareness into our lives and more of the spaces-in-between, and illuminating especially the complex interweavings between the Self (and its self-preservation) and any collective in which we participate. How humbling it is to perceive the ways in which we project those wounded aspects of ourselves onto the collective level and then strive and usually struggle to heal there. The higher frequencies of Love available to us (which we will be working with in the upcoming online course) always invite and resource us ‘to trace back to origin’, so that we learn how to progressively take-back our ‘problems’ from ‘the world’ and host them within ourselves, where we once most needed and longed to be met and were not, thus fuelling our dissociation from wholeness.

High vibrational We-space work like this, when committed to within groups willing to represent their collective, reveals more of the higher evolutionary purpose in any human collective movement or structure, bringing next-level intelligence and understanding, compassion and creativity wherever the movement of life has slowed and we are recycling our woundedness through painful and repetitive symptoms.

Honouring all those drawn to working together at this level, and opening to further possibilities within the next collectives in the USA and Canada in March/April, and back here at Findhorn in September. A few last places also remain in the online course beginning next week.

[Photo by Guy Tal]
February 23, 2018

Personal Review of the Field of Higher Consciousness Work in 2017

For many of us, it’s been a wild year. We’ve been taken to new edges and beyond. Many of you – like me – have received huge support through higher consciousness: we have surfaced new vulnerabilities and embodied more possibility, have cultivated new sensitivities and more capacity to contain the unimaginable.

It has often been hard. We have been stretched and opened, finding that few of the old ways will work anymore. Allowing in more consciousness changes everything. There is no resting place other than in more of our potential and purpose here, more of our shared and often grieving heart – together. In the events and practice-spaces of our lives, the higher consciousness that has become available is of a particular frequency. To me, its vibration is palpable, sometimes urgent, always loving. It comes as a gift and a blessing: moving and illuminating us wherever we will listen, dip deep within ourselves and act from this new place. Since the summer especially, the frequencies available through the subtle energy group-work have responded in potent ways to the commitment in many of us to grow and to embrace more of our woundedness on behalf of the whole human collective and its healing.

My own calling has changed. In one sense there is less choosing: a more embodied listening and alert capacity to follow through. I am in awe of the impact of this, and am often humbled as I discover new layers of resistance and fear. Many of you in many countries have joined me in the practices: learning to offer more of yourselves to life, bearing witness to what arises in you and with others, inquiring there and including more wholeness – and there is always more. Much more is available to us and we are supported in every essential step, more than we know. Higher consciousness is here to move in the world – embodied through us as we consent to craft a new world consciously, owning up to more of our responsibility in this.

Each of you who join me in this field is supported in a deeper surrendering and in a releasing of what no longer serves you, a presencing of what before was buried and not possible to bear, a re-ordering of priorities, and a consecration of yourself to the person you are here to become.

[Photo by Ronaldo Oliveira]
December 17, 2017

Recent Inquiry for Men

Deep inquiry, subtle listening and witnessing, laughter and healing – within my men’s group over several days in Germany this month. Which inherited imprints are we still carrying and recycling in our lives, from where or whom, and how costly might it be to let these go, and how?

And as men, how do we dance between coming to stand and embody our own inner axis, our unique expression of divine essence – which can mean walking alone, while staying connected and true to each other?

In my new online course, “Awakening to a Higher Frequency of Love“, these inquiries will continue, and be pursued too in virtual spaces for men and for women.


December 17, 2017

Higher Consciousness in We-Space – an Interview

As part of the recent Global Online We-Space Summit, I met with Michael Brabant who interviewed me on my Embodying Higher Consciousness work within we-space.

In the dialogue, I explore the nuanced and paradoxical nature of inviting higher consciousness and collective intelligence through subtle somatic experience and transparent relational spaces. We cover the importance of approaching and being in each practice-space and each moment freshly, being humble in our narrative of what arises within we-space and its broader implications, while also honouring how presencing of personal experience has far-reaching ripples in the collective at large. I highlight the importance of finding coherence horizontally with other practitioners in a group – fostering transparency and intimacy, and which you can watch a demonstration of in the other recorded practitioner-session here below.

While practicing like this, we seek to simultaneously nourish connectedness to higher vertical intelligence through moment-to-moment clarity. In our conversation I also cover how engaging in we-space can disrupt default cultural tendencies – to support each other to be present to what is actually occurring and the emotional impact of this, rather than colluding in each other’s avoidance of the intensity of what is occurring in our world and in our emotional bodies. Enjoy the dialogue!

The Summit came about following the book published last year to which I contributed a chapter: “Cohering The Integral We-Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in groups” and which you can find here.


November 12, 2017

Higher Consciousness in We-Space – Practicing Online

As part of the recent Global Online We-Space Summit, I met with five fellow practitioners** to record an hour-long online we-space practice session, which you can now view here.

We began by speaking from our experiences of the inner and intersubjective spaces that open up through my Embodying Higher Consciousness practices, particularly when invoking higher frequencies of consciousness. As we allowed a deeper witnessing within and between ourselves to arise, we found ourselves participating in a powerful and emergent space, one where a higher stream of intelligence and frequency of love became palpable. For those versed in subtle energy relational practices, live we-space experiments such as these can become potent incubators for next-level skills and capacities, and can support committed practitioners to tap into the deeper multi-leveled potentials of their collective spaces. Enjoy the session!

The Summit came about following the book published last year to which I contributed a chapter: “Cohering The Integral We-Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in groups” and which you can find here.

** My fellow practitioners here are: Nancy Fabiano, Daniel Auf der Mauer, Ginny Nadler, John McCourt, and Eva Giedt, with my appreciation for taking part in the experiment.


November 1, 2017

Higher Consciousness for Young Men

Brotherhood of Men is a series of workshops to empower young men to become more authentic, courageous and vulnerable – a clearer channel for spirit and soul. We invite teachers and speakers to share their knowledge, teachings and wisdom. These events are non profit and hosted by the YoungVision association.

Higher consciousness for young men

Through our questions, our dreams, our passion and pain as men, we find consciousness – and the possibility of discovering more in ourselves. Working creatively with awareness supports us in the many challenges and invitations of our lives. There are higher levels of consciousness available to us when we meet each other deeply, and in these two days we invite you to bring your questions and alive-issues, your problems and next-potential. We will be working in English, using dialogue, inner work, and systemic constellations, and we will be creative with language if any translation is needed. We also invite the presence of a few older men, to witness and support our work together.

– You can sleep in a dormitory or a hut
– Private rooms available for 29 €/ night

Course Fee:
– 90 € (incl. Accommodation & organic food)
– This price doesn’t include any payment for Stephen, please feel free to make a donation to him according to any benefit you feel you receive.

Send an e-mail to You will then receive a registration form.

For German speakers:
Ein Basiswortschatz in Englisch ist Vorraussetzung. Doch auch hier gilt: Brüder helfen sich. Solltest du dich also unsicher in der englischen Sprache fühlen, wird jemand da sein der dich bei der Übersetzung unterstützt. Weblinks:

September 3, 2017

A New We-Space Global Event

So appreciative of five fellow we-space practitioners with whom I’ve just recorded a we-space experiment for an upcoming Global Online Summit, in October this year – more information will be published next month. The Summit has grown from interest in the book last year to which I contributed a chapter: “Cohering The Integral We-Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in groups” and which you can find here.

August 13, 2017

A Celebration of Recent Teachings and Practices

A three-minute visual and musical celebration of the recent Californian event, enjoy!

August 13, 2017

Inner Reality

“But when people stopped wandering and began to build towns and cities and lived without taking long walks together they began to have ideas that everybody’s Inner Reality should be the same, and they argued about it rather than respecting that every person has a unique experience in their Inner Reality.

They began to think that Inner Reality should be as consistent as Outer Reality. This was their great mistake, for then the inner richness of every person began to be eroded, worn down, compared and argued about. And occasionally a strong leader would appear in a city or town who would insist that there was only one Inner Reality and that everyone should see the same thing in it. This was the greatest assault ever upon the most creative roots of the individual person.

You see, this began to destroy the very glue that held people together and that enriched the entire community. The Outer Reality held people together only when there was danger or when people were in need and had to cooperate in order that everyone would be fed and could survive. But the Inner Reality was the source of each other’s gifts and when they were properly shared with each other there was tremendous abundance in the community.”

Steve Gallegos, Dream Visits.

June 4, 2017

Why Grounding must precede Embodiment

by Elizabeth Andes-Bell, with thanks.

“One fine spring day, several years ago, in Manhattan, I witnessed a man getting struck and killed by a truck. He was crossing against the light at 72nd St. and Amsterdam Ave., looking at his cell phone. He never saw the truck coming. A loud boom, a few bystanders screaming and then, stunned silence…

Yes, the example is extreme but, as we walk through life, fixated on that super-computer in our hands, grounding our energy into our bodies, our place and time has become more and more of an issue.

Awareness. Strength. Responsiveness. The ability to spot trends and see patterns as they are arising. The ability to engineer pattern shifts. Creativity. Innovation. These are some the real fruits of being grounded. The first technique we use (and we return to again and again) is grounding, drawing energy from the head and chest, down to our roots and bringing the light all the way down to our feet.

Grounding jump-starts the polarity of your bioelectric charge. It makes you pulsate at the cellular and at every other level of your being. It activates the energy field from static to flowing. Then we can shift our energetic distribution out of distortion and defense. We come into greater balance and clarity. We become containers capable of holding nuance, contradiction and the higher, organizing frequencies that weave beauty out of chaos.

We all need the Stability of Being that grounding can bring us. None of us can fully open to the dynamic potential of our soul’s longing until we are consistently grounded enough to manifest it. So, we ground first, in order to embody. It’s a crucial first step energetically and it gives us a place to land, to root into and be nourished by. For many, especially those struggling with trauma, grounding itself is a healing practice.”

April 20, 2017