Welcome to my higher consciousness work

This website is an invitation to awaken to and embody higher levels of consciousness, which will impact directly upon all aspects of your life and on us all.

We are manifestations of consciousness, of which there are many dimensions beyond the material three-dimensional realm. Practice in accessing and in embodying higher dimensions of consciousness is available to you whether you are discovering it for the first time or are a long-time explorer.

Expanding your consciousness leads to more fulfilment and presence in your relationships and intimacy, at work in your teams, projects and goals, and in your families and communities, in parenting and health, and much more. It brings insight to what prevents you from finding resolution to persistent life-issues and helps free you from deep-seated systemic influences. These may be expressed at a personal level as ill-health for example, or an inability to live to your fullest potential, or at an organisational level as difficulties in bringing projects to fruition, in innovating successfully, or in working effectively with others.

Embodying higher consciousness means you live and work more clearly in alignment with the flow of life’s purpose through you, bringing transformation to all those aspects of your life that are less aligned. You learn to relate to everyday reality around and within you very differently, realising new depths of empowerment and love.

To claim and consent to more consciousness – to raise the vibration at which life lives through you – is to support radical change in all of humanity. It is to more consciously participate in the evolutionary process of us all. It is to co-create a new world through becoming an ever-clearer channel for much higher frequencies of life.

This is a time of tremendous inner and outer transformation. Join me and everyone engaged in the field of this work, research and play, to participate in a powerful and essential movement for change.

Discover live or online opportunities here for individuals or personal development or for organisations, businesses or communities, or read more about higher consciousness here.

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“Stephen is a master facilitator of the most important skill in life – deep presence. He guided me carefully and slowly into a felt experience of my self, which helped me to see more of who I really am and what my purpose is.”

“A grounded awake present embodied teacher.”

“I can’t express how powerful and inspiring this way of working is and how much hope it brings to the healing of humanity. I appreciated your authentic presence that seemed to draw into the space a warmth and peace that was palpable. I am in awe of how much I learned about the complexities of our human experience with so little cognitive processing. It feels like such an intuitive expression of truth that once it is seen it seems to just fall into place.”


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