About Me

I’m a teacher, mentor and coach, a healing practitioner, writer and traveller. The work described on this website is the culmination of over 35 years’ exploring higher human potential and purpose in and for myself and others.

In my several careers, education and transformation have underpinned all that I’ve done and become. My core purpose is to embody all that I’m learning as part of my path to spiritual awakening, and to support other people in more fully manifesting their own highest potential.

I’m a student of a long line of teachers and healers. I was introduced to systemic (family) constellation work through a health crisis and began to uncover deeper layers of purpose to my life. While training at the UK-based Nowhere Foundation – in their Community of Learning, Practice & Innovation in Systemic Constellations – I longed to more fully explore the consciousness made available through these approaches for its deeper whole-field and global potential. My research in constellational process work and systemic coaching then lead me to the field of Thomas Huebl’s work in Germany on mysticism and awakening, where I embarked on the first three-year Timeless Wisdom Training at the then new Academy of Inner Science.

Thomas encouraged me to synthesise and embody my discoveries in systemic methodologies, collective intelligence and healing through higher consciousness, and I developed a way of working with individuals and groups that is strongly aligned with my purpose. With some colleagues we co-founded The Economy and Consciousness Circle at the Academy and developed new work on leadership and innovation. This has given rise to other projects (some of which are listed under news); you can read more on my business and organisational profile and background here. In recent years I have cultivated a practice of higher consciousness with stronger focus, integrating aspects of the esoteric traditions.

I was born on a farm near Oxford in England and have lived much of my life in other cultures – some French-speaking. For over a decade I have participated in the Findhorn Community in the north of Scotland: an experiment in conscious living, an education centre and an eco-village. I work in partnership with people all over the world who generously organise and host local public or private events through their commitment to this work.

Under Resources you can find my published articles, recent interviews and dialogues on Embodying Higher Consciousness, as well as key reading and online references that have informed it. See Where This Work Comes From for other key influences and sources, as well as the following acknowledgements:


The teachings of Dr Richard Moss have played a significant role in my life (through his three-year Presence, Leadership & Spiritual Maturity programme in France and the USA), as has the work of Dr Thomas & Gitte Trobe (in their two-year Inner Child programme in Switzerland, as part of the Learning Love Institute). Many other teachers – seen and unseen – have helped to shape this work. I’m grateful to my paternal grandfather, to Barney Bush (of Shawnee/Cayuga heritage), Robert Bly, Judith Hemming, Terry Ingham, Eileen and Peter Caddy, Dorothy McLean, David Whyte, James Finley, Richard Farmer, Yehudit Sasportas, Kira Kay, Bryce Taylor, Damien Wynne, Alain Follonier, Gladys Zurbriggen, Kenny Pask, Janet Parker, Belinda Davidson, Barbara Turner-Vesselago, Harold Jackson, Terry Patten, and to many other supportive and inspiring friends, colleagues and partners – especially to Heike Wegener, Gabriele Schernikau, Jean-François Bertholet, Daniel Haeberlé, Valérie de Michielis, Danielle Brault, Dr Lothar Zieger, Nicholas Janni, Dr. Stephan Hausner, and Dr Scilla Elworthy. My work in France in the 1990’s for the crisis-helpline service SOS Amitié and my training in the psychotherapeutic community of the IFACE (Institut de Formation d’Animateurs Conseillers d’Entreprise, where I worked with Peggy Levine and Bruno Thiberge) were also key to my development.

The following people have been instrumental in deepening the field of this work through their commitment to higher consciousness and their organising of local events: Halina Rosensztrauch, Mike Robeson, Jeannette Legler, Nicole Ming, Susanne Baumann, Willi Kiechle, Ann Forker, Elizabeth Smith, Ulf Bley, Markus Fernlund, Jörgen Ringman, Sheelagh Wherity, Elisabeth Baulitz, Anja Krüger, Stephan Allmendinger, Stephan & Birgit Hausner, Alexandra Sheper, Mona Ziegler, Anne vom Felde, Stefan Enzler, Kerstin Steinmeyer, Anja Grossman, Margie McCallum, Dürten Lau, Jane Hera, Danielle Brault, Sandrine Prette, Heike Wegener, Daniel Auf der Mauer, Michael Stern, Erin Molitor, Sarah Gross, Eve-Marie Elkin, Michael Brabant, Anice Jeffries, Elizabeth Kennedy, Lynne Palazzolo, James Redenbaugh, Spencer Honeyman, Anna Molitor, Mark Jensen, Candace Chapin, Linda O’Neill, Eva Giedt, Jelena Zwingmann, Shayla Wright, John McCourt, and Eric Troth.

“Stephen works with an immense clarity, intuition, compassion and last but not least humour. He has a very fine sense of what is appropriate. His work opens the space widely for deep insight and gives a flavour of what a human world could be.”

“Who you are allows others to be who they truly are. Much gratitude for the gifts I received.”

“To be in the presence of your work – your light touch, gentle voice and huge heart – is to partake of grace, what more do we need?”


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