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“You really changed my life by the work we did this weekend. I’m so glad that we have met – and it feels like ‘finally’.”

“Stephen works with an immense clarity, intuition, compassion and last but not least humour. He has a very fine sense of what is appropriate. His work opens the space widely for deep insight and gives a flavour of what a human world could be.”

“Stephen created a safe container with his presence that invited my whole being to show up. Before the weekend was over more of the long buried essence of who I truly am unfolded.”


Updates on new and emerging projects, creative inspirations and invitations to get involved. News too of what colleagues and friends are doing in the wider field of this work. >>>

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Listen to short spoken extracts or to longer dialogues on aspects of Higher Consciousness work. There is also video and a long list of recommended reading – books and online. >>>



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