A Weekend of Systemic Constellation Work for Your Personal Issues or Concerns

with Stephen Busby

1-2 October 2016, Mannheim, Germany

P1060520 (4)Systemic constellation work is a powerful way of identifying and releasing deep patterns within living human systems. The approach honours the profound multidimensional nature of reality and is based on whole-field somatic principles as a way of working with higher consciousness. During this weekend we will explore subtle movements within energetic fields to reveal hidden information and consequences beyond those that we usually perceive, learning to honour webs of interconnection that transcend time and place. Constellation work generates openings, insight and often healing: we see, feel and understand clearly how unresolved issues from the past play out in our lives today, with huge implications for our development.

There will be space for each of eight people to work with Stephen, using the whole group to explore an issue or concern that is alive in her or his life. However, you may join the weekend as an observer or potential representative in the constellations, which can be equally powerful and is essential somatic practice for those involved in healing work, or those people interested in deepening their relationship to the subtle realms of life. Stephen will also provide teaching and context to help understanding and integration of our work together. No previous experience of constellation work is required.

COST: either €290 if you would like to explore an issue or concern with Stephen, or €240 as an observer and potential representative in the constellations (some reduced prices may also be available, please apply). Prices include a vegan/vegetarian lunch on each day, plus refreshments (please let us know when you book if you prefer to bring your own lunch instead).

PLACE: Yogaflow & Delta Mannheim, G7 30, 68159 Mannheim, http://yogaflow-mannheim.de and http://psychotherapie-im-delta.de

TIMES: 9.30am – 6pm on Saturday and 9.30 – 5.30pm on Sunday.

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE: email Jelena at: [email protected] or phone +49 (0)17662289818. Places are limited, early booking recommended.

Stephen has a coaching and healing practice and has been serving higher human potential internationally for over thirty-five years. He’s based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Stephen has distilled new systemic constellation approaches, from which his higher consciousness practices have evolved.

His work has spanned the corporate world, transnational public service institutions and not-for-profit organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America – more information on his work is here, note especially this event in northern Switzerland in mid-September.

“The constellation work is deep and powerful and you are masterful at it. I feel grateful and relieved to have shifted energy in a family system that has been stuck for many years and I look forward to seeing what this may open in my life and my children’s lives. I cannot thank you enough.”

“In the constellation session with Stephen, the truth was revealed in the most gentle way regarding why I’d separated a part of myself from others. The week after the session I had many important, spontaneous communications that opened a way for more truth, transparency and intimacy. Such a subtle, smooth and safe container, I’m very grateful.”

“Words cannot capture how special this work is. We find portals into our deepest wounding, restoring the flow of love – not just to here and now – but to all of time.”

“I have received a new map for belonging and family. Thank you for being a place where I could gather my courage and speak my truth and have it be heard, for seeing the light in me.”

“Having received a personal constellation, as well as witnessing others’ constellations, Stephen’s guidance has opened me to multidimensional realities – the systemic work is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“I am so touched by the systemic work with Stephen – his skilled guidance and knowledge was awe-inspiring. This is by far the most powerful tool I have come across in dissolving dysfunctional patterns from the past helping me to go forward.”

“One of the most powerful processes I’ve ever encountered – and I’ve done a great many processes on my path. Stephen has a way of working that is dynamic and simple to understand and which can help heal long-held patterns.”