An Open Day on Working with a Higher Frequency of Love

With Stephen Busby

Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, London

1 December 2018

I have been working with an international group of people this year in an experiment to invite a higher frequency of love into our lives. The impact has been profound on many levels. Love has stretched and transformed us in ways we could not have imagined possible. You’re welcome to join us for this day-long snapshot of our journey. Through concise presentations and small-group practices we will explore what living through a higher frequency of love is inviting us to become, as well as the implications for the next level of our human evolution.

What we have found:

  • Our subtle capacities continue to expand. Many of us have a sense of being reconfigured, with downloads of energy into the body, altered states of awareness and heart-openings, and fresh insights into reality and its multidimensional nature;
  • We continue to revisit structures of wounding, bringing healing and clarity about what is next available to be released and transmuted, as we learn to embody ever more wholeness;
  • We are more able to surrender to unknown dimensions of ourselves, and are guided from within as never before. In particular in my work with higher dimensional intelligences, I have found principles and practices which leverage our inner growth as well as our capacity to host more of what arises in us on behalf of the whole human collective.


I have been working with higher frequencies of consciousness for many years, offering in-person and online events as part of my healing practice. I am based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland (read more here). I have worked internationally for over 35 years to help people fulfil their life-potential. See more on my background here, or on where my work comes from here.

For more context on how this work has evolved, see my chapter ‘Awakening Through We-Space to a Higher Frequency of Life‘ in Cohering The Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups (2016).


WHERE: Loudwater Farm, in the valley of the river Chess, easily accessible from central London, see The postcode is WD3 4HG and the nearest tube station is Rickmansworth (the Metropolitan Line).

WHEN: arriving by 9.15am ready for a 9.30am start on Saturday 1st December, until around 17h30.

HOW MUCH: £85 single price, which includes soup provided at lunch. You are invited to bring whatever else you would like for lunch and/or to share with others. Tea and coffee will be provided during morning and afternoon breaks.

HOW TO RESERVE A PLACE: prior reservation and payment is essential – contact Halina Rozensztrauch on [email protected] or tel. 07528 122 281 to check if places are still available, and read these General Terms and Conditions which you are accepting upon paying for your place.












“Stephen’s work took me into a much deeper awareness of myself through connecting with a higher frequency that I would call love. He invites a healing energy that is deepened through every participant who connects with this in themselves. This brought us to a very intimate and heart filled space, an energy in which our true essence most likely starts to recognize its true nature and therefore becomes more accessible to us.”

“Working with these higher frequencies is an evolutionary accelerator, whereby resistant structures can surface and dissolve more easily. The higher knowing can expand our structure and emanate into life – changing everything through an updated relating.”

“For me, the new frequencies of Love are supporting me in ways previously unimaginable. There’s a sense of being drawn in – to new situations and configurations with others, and a feeling of openness and readiness as well as an ease. There is a greater witnessing quality to this Love. The feelings I share with others contain such freshness and Eros, as if we’ve conspired to bring something forth through our very relatedness, the here-ness between us. There is a new boldness about this – as if Love itself were daring me to let my heart be primary in all affairs. In some ways, this is what I’ve dreamed of my entire life. I’m astonished at the way life is opening for so many of us. Something new is emerging. Love wants us all.”

“I realize how much of this work I tried to do alone and what a different perspective to do it in a field of loving support. How sacred this movement is! I am not the same person I was before and feel a great thank you from deep places inside.”

“I can’t express how powerful and inspiring this way of working is and how much hope it brings to the healing of humanity. I appreciated your authentic presence that seemed to draw into the space a warmth and peace that was palpable. I am in awe of how deeply impactful the exercises were and how much I learned about the complexities of our human experience with so little cognitive processing. It feels like such a natural and intuitive expression of truth that once it is seen it seems to just fall into place.”

“You have taught me in a powerful way to listen for what has energy and to move from there in my life.”

“The work with you brings me a clearer, finer and kinder self-relationship. I’m learning to inhabit and navigate my subtle energetic world, getting in touch with a true and inclusive picture of myself and the world; a feeling of something essential being touched and opened.”

“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and feel I can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”

“Stephen has a unique way of crafting deep connection with what’s arising in the field. I feel more sensitive to subtle energies and more connected to my own energetic container. I have an expanded sense of who I am and how I show up in the world.”

“The work taught me to listen and tune into fields of information, to take responsibility for what I learnt there and to live with more intensity and more fun.”

“Words cannot capture how special this work is. We find tiny openings – portals into our deepest wounding… we listen deeply and the flow of love is restored and magic happens.”