Teachings and Practices for Embodying a Higher Frequency of Life

An Intensive Residential Retreat

Wednesday afternoon of April 11 to Sunday afternoon of April 15, 2018

Anubhuti Retreat Center, Novato, Northern California

As we enter 2018, a truly immense expansion in consciousness is available. Many more of us feel a strong call to consciously embody more of our innate multidimensional wholeness, and through this to bring forth new worlds together.

Stephen’s teachings and practices have evolved considerably in recent months, leading many people to claim more of the vast spectrum of life’s invitation to them through the physical and the non-physical realms. In spring 2018, Stephen returns to California to work with friends both old and new – this time for over four days at a beautiful Retreat Center in Marin.

During this retreat you will:

  • Refine your awareness of ever more subtle and expanded aspects of your being, becoming more sensitive to inner information and intelligence while practicing how to listen, articulate and act on this in embodied ways, exploring the impact of your presence on yourself and others, often with healing effects;
  • Bring light and movement to imprinted inner aspects of yourself where, from an early age or through incarnational and karmic experiences, you have learned to hold yourself back from a full experience and expression of life;
  • Expand your capacity to manifest higher Soul potential through everyday life at all levels, learning how to heal yourself and the world from the inside.

In addition, Stephen will be available to nourish your inquiries through informal dialogue and higher frequency readings. Throughout the retreat, advanced practitioners will be working with him to deepen the collective field of our inquiry.

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More on Stephen’s higher consciousness
and subtle energy work

Essentially, this work renders us more sensitive to how subtle energy moves and unfolds in us all the time, through our smallest actions, thoughts and emotions. We learn to navigate life more creatively from inside, and ground ourselves at higher frequencies of being, which is far more effective than attempting to change only from outside. Rather than continuing to recycle our conditioning and karmic imprinting through painful symptoms, life circumstances or crises, we become more aligned with the emerging field of cosmic consciousness, our next evolutionary step and invitation.

Through the teachings and practices, we learn to respond from a wider bandwidth of life, more precisely and effectively. We learn to live, love, work and play from more of our innate wholeness, realizing a divine dimension of self to whom we are increasingly coming home.

Who this work is for

Anyone who feels a call to live at a higher vibrational level of life. The work is especially useful for those who work with other people through consciousness or who aspire to, such as in the field of coaching or counseling, in healing or therapy – and all the caring professions, and in business or organizational life, consulting or leadership. No specific experience is required and some background in spiritual work is strongly recommended.

For those who are familiar with the field of Stephen’s work, the retreat will provide ample opportunity to dive more deeply into the teachings and practices. You will become a clearer vessel for higher consciousness as the frequencies we are working with become ever more embodied and grounded in your life, supporting you to stabilize there.

Stephen’s background and how we will work

Stephen has a healing, training and coaching practice, travels widely in the world, and is based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. He has synthesized his Embodying Higher Consciousness practices from diverse sources and teachings, including subtle energy and soul purpose work, training in contemporary mysticism with Thomas Hübl, and new variants of systemic constellation work. He has worked for over 35 years to help individuals, organizations and communities fulfill their higher potential.

Stephen generally uses small-group exercises, dialogue and guided inner work when leading groups. The exercises and formats are easily accessible, for every level of experience.

This retreat will complement Stephen’s 2018 Higher Consciousness Online Course: Awakening to a Higher Frequency of Love, starting soon: February 27.

The Retreat Center

Anubhuti Retreat Center was created as a place where people from all walks of life, faiths and backgrounds can explore their spirituality and inner strengths in a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere.

The center sits on top of a hill near San Francisco Bay, surrounded by 1,600 acres of protected open space, water and a wildlife preserve with a full 360° degree view. Accommodation is comprised of 2-3 person shared-bedrooms with private bath set among landscaped gardens with spectacular views of the Bay, Pacheco Pond, Novato creek and the rolling hills of Marin County.

Anubhuti is staffed by volunteers who give their time freely and happily.


Cost and Reservations

COST: Prices are all-inclusive of everything you need – the retreat program, food and accommodation. There are different kinds of accommodation available and places are bookable here. Prices include three vegetarian meals per full day – a total of 12 meals. The number of places is limited on this retreat and the early discounted rates will apply only until February 11th, 2018, on which date the cost of any remaining places will increase.

TIMES: Wednesday 5:30 pm of April 11th to Sunday 5:30 pm of April 15th, with arrival between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm on the Wednesday afternoon.

CANCELLATIONS: There is a $100 fee for all cancellations before February 11th, and a 30% fee for all cancellations between February 11th and March 11th. Payment is non-refundable if you cancel 30 days or less before the beginning of the event.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: By booking a place you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of Stephen’s General Terms & Conditions, here.

CAR SHARING: We are encouraging the wider community of practitioners in the Bay Area to offer and share rides, you’ll find an option for this when booking your place.

MORE INFORMATION: If you have questions about the content of the retreat then write to Stephen here. If you have questions about organization then write to John here.

“Stephen’s work took me into a much deeper awareness of myself through connecting with a higher frequency that I would call love. He invites a healing energy that is then deepened through every participant who connects with this in themselves. This brought us to a very intimate and heart filled space, an energy in which our true essence most likely starts to recognize its true nature and therefore becomes more accessible to us.”

“Your work has enabled me to undergo the most profound change. I’m stunned by your ability to slow down, relate to the most subtle things in my presence, and thus help me to untangle the deepest patterns.”

“I realize how much of this work I tried to do alone and what a different perspective to do it in a field of loving support. How sacred this movement is! I am not the same person I was before and feel a great thank you from deep places inside.”

“You are the very first person to ever reflect back to me the truth of my very own life process.”

“Working with these higher frequencies is an evolutionary accelerator, whereby resistant structures can surface and dissolve more easily. The higher knowing can expand our structure and emanate into life – changing everything through an updated relating.”

“I can’t express how powerful and inspiring this way of working is and how much hope it brings to the healing of humanity. I appreciated your authentic presence that seemed to draw into the space a warmth and peace that was palpable. I am in awe of how deeply impactful the exercises were and how much I learned about the complexities of our human experience with so little cognitive processing. It feels like such a natural and intuitive expression of truth that once it is seen it seems to just fall into place.”

“You have taught me in a powerful way to listen for what has energy and to move from there in my life.”

“The work with you brings me a clearer, finer and kinder self-relationship. I’m learning to inhabit and navigate my subtle energetic world, getting in touch with a true and inclusive picture of myself and the world; a feeling of something essential being touched and opened.”

“Stephen is a master facilitator of the most important skill in life – deep presence. He guided me carefully and slowly into a felt experience of my self, my body sensations and my emotions, which helped me to see more of who I really am and what my purpose is.”

“Stephen’s gentle and powerful guidance has opened me to multidimensional teachings. The frame is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and feel I can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”

“Stephen has a unique way of crafting deep connection with what’s arising in the field. I feel more sensitive to subtle energies and more connected to my own energetic container. I have an expanded sense of who I am and how I show up in the world.”

“I know that something huge has shifted for me. I am feeling back at home within, and a strong sense of reconnection. Wow, what a journey, and also what a joy to be able to follow this through and get a better understanding of the underlying energetic processes.”

“Gratitude for your spaciousness, attunement and awareness which allows feelings, emotions, aspects of the soul and personality to be seen, experienced and return to wholeness. It is a true gift and opportunity to learn from you.”

“The work taught me to listen and tune into fields of information, to take responsibility for what I learnt there and to live with more intensity and more fun.”

“I was struck by how much is being done in this field, yet bringing all the theory and innovation into group formats and living relationships is clearly the cutting edge, and this is where you reside. Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“Words cannot capture how special this work is. We find tiny openings – portals into our deepest wounding… we listen deeply and the flow of love is restored and magic happens…”

“I learned how to notice when I was fully present in my body. After years of words, I was able to embody the physical experience and get a sense of what grounded truly means and feels like.”