Healing The Whole: Higher Consciousness in Collective Healing Work

Stephen Busby, with Heike Wegener

Somatische Akademie, Berlin, 14-15 January 2017

Becoming truly whole while remaining fully engaged in a dysfunctional society is a steep path.
(Dale Borglum)


Humanity is a movement in which we all participate, just as we do in its shadows and wounding. The field of higher consciousness work invites our more conscious participation. It invites another level of life – and of healing.

Recent developments in this field, including in we-space work, epigenetics, neurobiology, and systemic traumatology, provide new opportunities to explore our healing – collectively. We cannot do this from the same place, or in the same way, as we may have before. The invitation leads to other dimensional realities, where new subtle capacities and sensitivities are awakened in us. How can we more fully explore and embody these?

You’re welcome to join us for this weekend in Berlin, and can find out more information here below.

Our work together will be part of a global healing movement to develop containers where people care for and honour the traumatic core of our past – through our present. These are containers where we learn to attune to the emerging needs of our collective body. We practice embodying consciousness that leads us to a more responsible and mature integration of all that we have inherited, and to a higher embodiment of life.

There is a new planetary culture emerging. It is being nourished through a vision for an alternative future, one that is infused with a consciousness and a reality that is waiting to be claimed.

With love,
Stephen & Heike


Unconscious unresolved energy recycles in our lives. It surfaces through events or symptoms in which we often seek healing. The unprocessed past is alive in us, waiting for our awareness. Within a systemic perspective, our personal pain and shadow aspects only begin to find wholeness in the context of our collective, transgenerational, social and cultural wounding.

In most countries we need look back only a generation to discern the traumatic legacy of war, violence, abuse or dislocation, suffering and brokenness on a massive scale – which continues to echo through our lives and family systems. Because we tend to prefer not to look back, addictive or compulsive behavioural disorders, environmental dissociation and destruction, health and relational issues, are all traceable to shock, numbness and other post-traumatic and compensatory responses on a collective and transgenerational level.

Wherever the flow of life was fractured or disrupted, wherever people lived under immense pressure to survive and bear the unbearable, and wherever we seek still to protect ourselves from guilt, overwhelm or dissociation, then right there is imprinting that we carry or collude with, just as our children are liable to do after us. This is an unconscious choice, and so the energy that is tied up here will continue to play out and explode in our lives on an increasingly collective scale.

We have found that through higher consciousness practices, feeling and awareness, transformative presence and inner movement are available to us. If healing work on behalf of others – of humanity – also resonates in you, if something in your wounding is reawakening in you, then you are one of those who are available to the frequencies of healing and are welcome to be with us.

We need to develop body-minds attuned to dimensions of collective trauma, through our own continued healing. The traumatic imprinting that is inviting our presence has a very particular way of showing up, with a particular vibration. We can become skilled in attuning to this more consciously – we have the inner capacities and the outer tools to do this, to become this…” (Stephen Busby / read the original interview here)


  • approach and frame your personal issues and questions as part of a collective context – of which you are an expression;
  • more consciously and sensitively relate to symptoms and movements in life of inherited or shared wounding and traumatic imprinting;
  • co-hold collective fields of awareness – allowing for healing movement through deepening your subtle energy capacity, and gaining insight into the complex and systemic nature of human experience.


The two days are open to people either with experience of Stephen’s or Heike’s work who are called to the healing arts, and/or who have reached a level of maturity in their own integrative healing journey to be able to co-hold a field of awareness in which strong healing movements may arise.

Please read the general terms and conditions here. We will speak in English and will work creatively whenever some minimal translation may spontaneously be required.


Stephen will share from the evolving field of his work in subtle energy capacity through whole-group and small-group exercises, teaching input, and dialogue. He has distilled new variants of systemic constellation work from which his distinctive we-space practices have emerged. He has an international coaching and healing practice, and is based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland (read more here).

To support our embodiment of the higher consciousness available for the work, Heike will facilitate integrative sound, voice and movement practices. She is a trauma-therapist and osteopath with over 20 years’ experience, a dancer, singer, mother, mystic and shaman. She is based in the community of Schloss Glarisegg on the banks of Lake Constance in Switzerland, and in Berlin (read more here).


WHERE: in Kreuzberg, at the Somatische Akademie, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin, www.somatische-akademie.de Please note that there is plentiful local accommodation available in Berlin, and public transport is easy to use, see a local map here.

WHEN: starting at 9.30am on Saturday 14 January, until around 18h30, and on Sunday 15 January from 9.30am to around 17h30 (participation only in the whole weekend, not for one day only).

HOW MUCH: the price in Euros is: € 220, which does not include meals or accommodation, both of which are available locally.

HOW TO RESERVE A PLACE: send an email to [email protected] containing (A) a few lines on why you would like to participate or your relationship to collective healing work – no more than 150 words please! (B) your full name and postal address (nothing will be posted to you, the address is only a legal requirement with payment). We will reply to you, if you are accepted into the weekend, with payment information; please allow for up to one week for a reply, thank you.

MORE INFORMATION: you may write to the same email address, [email protected], or if you prefer to write in German then email Heike at: [email protected]


This weekend is part of a series of gatherings, face-to-face and online, to build containers for a new planetary culture of higher consciousness. Other events with Stephen include:

Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland, 11-12 March 2017
London, UK, 18-19 March 2017
Vancouver Island, Canada, 15-18 June 2017
Bay Area, California, 22-25 June 2017
Cologne, Germany, 22-24 September 2017
Findhorn, Scotland, 30 September-6 October 2017

Other events with Heike, in German, include her year-group for women, which begins on 17-19 February 2017.

The Somatic Academy, Berlin:



“I am deeply inspired and touched by your work, Stephen. I am touched by your presence, your gentleness and kindness. The absolute, skilful precision and highly refined attunement you bring into the field and the incredible capacity of the containers you are holding and creating.”

“I feel my whole body-mind has gained a new inner dimension – thank you once again to Stephen, Heike and the whole wonderful group for being a container allowing inner growth and the experience of transgenerational connectedness.”

“Stephen has a unique way of crafting deep connection with what’s arising in the field. He is a master of holding safe containers where magic happens. I feel more sensitive to subtle energies and more connected to my own energetic container. I have an expanded sense of who I am and how I show up in the world, and highly recommend Stephen’s work to anyone called to bringing humanity to a place of greater coherence and peace.”

“The work you’re doing Stephen is profound and meaningful. Mostly what moves me though is the purity of your intention to serve the unfolding of the soul, our collective growth.”

“I appreciate how Stephen and Heike create situations for the collective to be deeply felt in each of us. But it’s not only feeling – there’s a unique clarity around the self and its connection to the awakening collective and to higher consciousness that helps the three integrate. Thank you!”

“Heike is deeply connected with earth spirituality and embodiment. She is a powerful healer in the feminine shamanic path, and guides with a gentle powerful presence.”

“I know that something huge has shifted for me. Wow, what a journey, and what a joy to be able to follow this through and get a better understanding of the underlying energetic processes. This first experiment in collective healing is just the beginning of something big and hugely exciting and I feel honoured to be able to take part in it.”

“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and feel I can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”

“Stephen and Heike have opened me to the experience that I am woven into collective fields in a way that I can only bow down to and be grateful to be a part of, the workshop is still so alive in me!”

“I am still feeling the strong effects – it was a life-changing experience. The words ring strongly in me and I’m still bathing in what came through us all.”

“In Stephen’s presence I experience a profound level of clarity, humility and integrity. He’s in touch with who he is as a human being and encourages me to be that way too.”

“Gratitude for your spaciousness, attunement and subtle awareness which allows feelings, aspects of the soul and personality to be seen, experienced and return to wholeness. It is a true gift and opportunity to learn from you.”

“To have crossed paths with you as a teacher touches my heart greatly. The ripple effect of your work is profoundly felt. Thank you for calling me out.”

“I am holding more in my awareness and am more able to perceive my patterns too. I have felt how my closing down is less rigid and the opening up more familiar and natural every time, and how this allows for a higher frequency that keeps increasing in my life.”

“The quality of the space allowed me to deeply experience the subtle movements of energy within me and how I am related in and to the field. Bearing witness to the creation of Life, in its continuous unfolding, left me with a desire and increased capacity to make more conscious choices. I have a profound realization of the impact that they make in the creation of our world.”

“It felt holy to participate over the past few days… guided by surrender and in service to something greater of a collective magnitude. I was struck by the power of inclusion and the endless reverberations of tender, growing wholeness and emergent alignment in the flow of Love.”

“Heike is a role model for a very specific deep, earth feminine goddess. Her transmission of deep wisdom and body knowing is a blessing to us all.”

“Stephen’s gentle and powerful guidance has opened me to multidimensional teachings. The systemic frame is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“Stephen is doing what I consider to be some of the most important work on the planet today: I can’t recommend his work enough and can’t wait to experience it again.”

“In Heike’s circles our sharing becomes a living inquiry, an expression of the healing that we are and embody. She has shown me how to bring more of myself into contact, creativity and life.”

“I was struck by how much is being done in this field, yet bringing all the theory and innovation into group formats and living relationships is clearly the cutting edge, and this is where you reside. Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“I feel permanently changed by what you taught, what the field held, what I immersed myself in. I feel much more embedded in bigger contexts, woven more deeply into system upon system. I understood something on a very deep level with you Stephen, and I wish to express my full gratitude for what you bring into the world, and for meeting and including me on so many different levels.”

“Stephen’s work, as an extension of Thomas Hübl’s work and in alignment with many intersubjective practices, begins to show us that the next level of human potential depends in part on a shift of focus from our individualized subjective experience to a deeper understanding of the energetic field in which we are embedded in and of which we are a manifestation. Stephen trains us in the ability to work directly with this field to effect systemic as well as personal transformation.”

“Words cannot capture how special this work is. We find tiny openings – portals into our deepest wounding… we listen deeply for the higher frequencies and the flow of love is restored and magic happens…”

“The space was one of acceptance and love that facilitated opening and brought movement. I am thankful to have had this opportunity that has brought healing and encouragement to deepen into this work we are sharing.”