Working With People Through Higher Consciousness and Systemic Constellation Work

An Intensive Three-Day Training Event
For people who work in a coaching, consulting, therapeutic or healing capacity

5pm Thursday 15 June to 5pm Sunday 18 June 2017
Krishnamurti Educational Centre, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

P1060520 (4)Systemic constellation work enables us to identify and release deep patterns within living human systems, with multiple applications in individual and collective arena. The approach honors the profound inter-relatedness and multidimensional nature of reality, where complex webs of interconnections that transcend time and place become apparent and are experienced.

Over many years I have explored the transformational potential of higher consciousness through constellation work, adapted and expanded beyond the original form. For anyone who aspires to supporting other people in any capacity through consciousness, I have found that integrating the systemic dimension – an awareness of the subtle realms as well as our family, ancestral and karmic inheritance – is especially helpful.

The work is based on whole-field and somatic principles and the practice of presence – as a catalyst for higher consciousness (you can find out more here). This is the first time I will be bringing this work to Canada after several years of visits to the west and east coasts of the U.S.

You’re welcome to join us for these three days. Our central question will be: how can we enable the deeper field of life to move more directly through us – through the transpersonal intelligence and healing that becomes available as we consent to more consciousness in life?


P1030577EV (1)What the Training will cover

The key principles underpinning my approach to higher consciousness and constellation work, as applied to supporting other people. There will be space for hands-on practice of the principles and for dialogue around them;

Cultivating systemic sensitivity: a transpersonal perspective;

Facilitating systemic change in the world: working with higher frequencies to enable transformation and healing of traumatic imprinting at individual, collective and transgenerational levels.


Some background

Systemic constellation work – about which more is here – demonstrates how sensitively exploring subtle movements within energetic fields simultaneously produces effects elsewhere. This reveals hidden information and consequences beyond those we’re usually conditioned to perceive. With care it generates openings, insight and often healing, whether in an individual or collective context. We are enabled to see, feel and understand how unresolved issues from the past play out in our lives, with immense implications for our cultural and spiritual development.

20160312-P1250452 copy (1)I have a coaching and healing practice and am based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland and in Switzerland.I have trained with Thomas Hübl at the Academy of Inner Science in Germany and worked internationally for over 35 years to help people fulfil their life-potential. Read more on my own background here, and on my Facebook community page here (which I invite you to ‘like’).

Here is a ten-minute video illustrating my approach to constellation work (best watched on full-screen by clicking on the small square in the bottom right-hand corner):


Who the Training is for (requirements)

Anyone who works with other people through the coaching, healing, therapeutic, counseling, organizational consulting, or caring and helping-professions, or anyone who feels called to enter or develop themselves there.

Some previous experience of constellation work is required, either as a participant or representative in a constellation, or as a beginner or more experienced practitioner. If you have no experience of constellation work at all then I suggest you attend a public constellation session first, with a practiced facilitator. These are usually available now in most major cities.

Where the Training will be

We will gather at the beautiful Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada, at Swanwick, Victoria, BC. Information on the place and access instructions are here.

At the foot of this page here below you’ll find some photos of the Centre and its environs.

The session times

  • On Thursday 15 June we will gather at 5pm, ready for dinner, followed by the opening session at 7pm. We will finish at 5pm on Sunday 18 June,
  • Generally our mornings will begin at 9am, going through to the evenings, with mid-morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, and dinner breaks,
  • There will be evening sessions on the Friday and Saturday, probably until around 9pm. Sometimes I hold informal dialogue spaces at the end of the day for those who wish.


The cost

$ 675.00 CAD inclusive, plus a fee of $23.60 if you pay with PayPal.

This includes all program and residential costs, and meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch. You may also reserve to stay over on the Sunday night too, at no extra charge; dinner that evening will cost an additional $ 12.

To book your place, more information, and other events

Contact Shayla Wright to reserve a place, specifying your experience with systemic constellation work: [email protected]
The number of places is limited and early booking is advised.

  • For more information on the content of the training, or on its suitability for you, write to me at: [email protected]
  • Please address all organizational questions to Shayla
  • IMPORTANT: in booking a place you acknowledge that you have read and agree to my General Terms & Conditions, here.

As part of my 2017 North American trip I will also be leading a three-day intensive event in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in June. Our focus will be on accessing and stabilizing in higher frequencies of consciousness with a view to facilitating the healing of traumatic imprints on an individual and collective scale (for more information you may also email John McCourt at: [email protected] ).








“Stephen’s work combines his extensive experience as a coach with his systemic approach and deep intuition. He is one of the few people who have taken this work to the next level, resulting in a beautiful space for transformation and healing.” (Thomas Hübl, Academy of Inner Science, Germany)

“In my experience of working with Stephen both online and in-person, I’ve been amazed at the way he has brought together awakening to higher levels of consciousness, working with the essential dimension of the soul, and the constellation work. I have never seen anyone integrate those different ways of working in the way that Stephen does and I’ve found that it has helped me access parts of myself that I didn’t know existed before. In his presence I experience a profound level of clarity, humility and integrity. He is in touch with who he is as a human being and he encourages me to be that way too.” (Shayla Wright, Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Facilitator)

“Your profound teachings have awakened a deep knowing within myself, and with my own growing into new dimensions of consciousness I will be able to support others to come into their potential and myself become a healer on a much broader scale. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and wisdom.”

“I was struck by how much is being done in this field, yet bringing all the theory and innovation into training formats and living relationships is clearly the cutting edge, and this is where you reside. Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“Our days of training reverberate strongly in me. I feel permanently changed by what you taught, what the field held, what I immersed myself in. I feel much more embedded in bigger contexts, woven more deeply into system upon system. I understood something on a very deep level with you Stephen, and I wish to express my full gratitude for what you bring into the world, and for meeting and including me on so many different levels.”

“In your work I have found a home for a longing in me to integrate my love for the systemic approach in the depth, wisdom and simplicity of the mystic traditions. Thank you so much for sharing this work and the capacity, competence and love to manifest it and bring it to fruition in others.”

“Stephen’s work, as an extension of Thomas Hübl’s work and in alignment with many intersubjective practices, begins to show us that the next level of human potential depends in part on a shift of focus from our individualized subjective experience to a deeper understanding of the energetic field in which we are embedded in and of which we are a manifestation. Stephen trains us in the ability to work directly with this field to effect systemic as well as personal transformation.”

“Stephen is doing what I consider to be some of the most important work on the planet today: I can’t recommend his work enough and can’t wait to experience it again.”

“Thank you deeply for having supported my path. This has started to heal an absence I have felt all my life – of learning and sharpening my skills and abilities from a man of clear inner strength. Being in contact with you, with what you infuse into this world, gives me something exceptional to aspire to.”

“Your training taught me to listen and tune into fields of information, to take responsibility for what I learnt there and to live with more intensity and more fun.”

“I am so touched by the systemic work with Stephen – his skilled guidance and knowledge was awe-inspiring. This is by far the most powerful tool I have come across in dissolving dysfunctional patterns from the past helping me to go forward.”