Working with Higher Frequencies of Consciousness

An online and residential training
for people who work with groups (advanced practitioner training)

With Stephen Busby

15-18 November 2018, London: four days, residential
December 2018-April 2019: a series of live online modules


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”

Nikola Tesla


To work with people in higher consciousness is to work through frequencies which invoke and enact a higher level of Life. To work with a group in this way is to learn to align a human collective with a higher evolutionary blueprint.

In recent months, many people working with others have become aware of higher frequencies available, of subtle capacities being stretched and expanded. Experiences include a sense of oneself being reconfigured, downloads of energy into the body, altered states of awareness and heart-openings, and fresh insights into reality and its multidimensional nature. There may be opportunities to step into new levels of leadership or to guide others in ways we may barely feel prepared for ourselves, yet the invitation is clear. Many of us are revisiting structures of wounding while also gaining clarity about what is to be next released in our life and transmuted, as we embody ever more wholeness and sovereignty.

In working with other people through higher consciousness we are supported and resourced in ways which clarify and expand our vessel: our physical and subtle bodies. We are enabled to hold more within the vibrational bandwidth of presence and to grow into more maturity, often finding we need do less and embody more of life effortlessly as a natural aspect of our deepening.

I find as I continue to surrender to unknown dimensions of myself that I am guided, inspired and expanded as never before, as are many of those with whom I work. In learning to work in partnership with higher dimensional intelligences I have discovered principles and practices which leverage our inner growth and capacity to hold and host what arises, especially in groups. These capacities are essential for those called to embody higher frequencies in their public work; they arise naturally from a loving embrace of more of ourselves.




In this training you will learn to enhance your sensitivity and responsiveness to frequency, in particular to:

  • Invoke connectedness to higher aspects of self, working cooperatively and creatively with subtle-realm intelligence (building relationship within);
  • Discern which aspects and capacities are available to be deepened, learning to navigate-within intuitively with precision;
  • Surface inner structures and imprints, facilitating their release, clarifying your vessel, and expanding your attentional range (embodying higher dimensional realities);
  • Deepen your capacity to host your own and other people’s processes in collective contexts (presencing the collective), exploring energetic movements and vibrational thresholds, learning to work in emergent ways that generate insight and healing.




The training is in two integrated parts underpinned by an online page, beginning with the four-day intensive near London (at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, see below), and continuing with a series of six two-hour live video modules, every three weeks. Neither of the two parts may be taken separately. The group will be of a maximum size of 24 participants.

The training is structured to build a strong vessel during the four days, initiating a high-vibrational field of practice through the teachings (we will work full days, including evenings). You will then deepen your practice online with me and in small-group meetings, as well as through a private Facebook group page. Our virtual space will be one of mutual learning and support with further teachings on the principles and their application in the evolution of our work.

The online sessions will expand upon the material and support you in exploring the openings. Sessions will be recorded and audio-files and transcriptions made available. The energetic container we will build together throughout the training will require your proactive engagement in the practice sessions which you’ll arrange with other participants and in our group page.

During the course, teachings will be given through dialogue with the group as well as through channelled sessions with higher dimensional intelligence. There will be suggested exercises to establish and deepen the practices, accompanied by personal and small-group assignments. Frequency Readings with me will also be optionally available, by arrangement.




One price is payable upon registration – which includes the four-day residential module (and lunches and dinners), the online modules and all materials, and use of the group page: £ 665 **

In recognition of those needing to pay more to travel from other continents to reach Europe, a reduced price is available upon application of £ 550 (a reduction of approximately USD $150) **

If you do not have a UK bank account then you will be required to add 5% on to the amount you will pay, to cover transfer-charges.

You will need to reserve and pay separately for accommodation during the four days – either at Loudwater Farm itself or if the Farm is full then in local b&b’s. Information on accommodation will be given after registration – please do not contact Loudwater Farm directly, arrangements will be explained to you after your application. The average cost of a basic shared room at Loudwater Farm is £35 per night while the cost of a single room is £45 per night (including breakfast). Nearby accommodation can cost from £30 to £45 per night and may entail a short taxi-ride. Loudwater Farm is five minutes by taxi from Rickmansworth Station. Car-sharing arrangements may be possible.

AN OPPORTUNITY TO DONATE: I want to make it possible for two individuals to participate who are unable to cover the cost of the training. Any amount you are able to pay – however modest – in excess of the cost of your own place will go towards funding one, and then both of these two places. If you feel called to support in any way like this then please include a note in your application, thank you.

** Taking into account possible fluctuations in international currency rates, I reserve the right to slightly modify these prices. The applicable price will be the one that is in effect when an offer of a place in the training is made, assuming payment is then made within two days of the offer.




Admission is by written application only. Acceptance is at my discretion based upon attunement and requirements below. I ask that you respect any decision taken which may be based on a question of timing; there will be opportunities to join other higher consciousness work in 2019. If you feel strongly called to apply while not fulfilling all the conditions you are welcome to write. These are the requirements:

  • Previous experience of working with me;
  • A mature capacity to attend to your inner processes while in service to the collective. This means you are able to hold a level of sustained presence for yourself and others without necessarily needing to respond from an activated or wounded place;
  • Involvement in facilitating or organizing groups of other people in some form of consciousness work, whether in personal or professional development, for instance in healing or health care, therapy or counselling, leadership, coaching or consulting;
  • Availability for the majority of the live online sessions;
  • A commitment to care for and nourish the group vessel through your active participation in self-organised small-practice groups, in the online sessions, and on the group page through reading and writing there.




Written applications by email of between 300 and 450 words are now being accepted. Please write freely of what calls you here, including how you feel you meet the requirements, your age and where you live, and something on your background (your words will be shared with other participants). I will respond to your application as soon as possible, from mid-August onwards. Please note that all of the general terms and conditions for participating in the field of my work apply. Please email your application here.

As applications are accepted, available places will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. When mentioning where you live, include a full residential address – which would not be shared with other participants.




The live online video sessions will be on Tuesdays at these times (your own time-zone may be different):

North America West Coast 8 a.m. Pacific Time
North America Midwest 10 a.m. Central Time
North America East Coast 11 a.m. Eastern Time
UK 16h UK time
CENTRAL EUROPE 17h Central European Time

The six two-hour sessions are scheduled for these Tuesdays in 2018 and 2019:

11 December 2018 – 8 January 2019 – 29 January 2019
19 February 2019 – 12 March 2019 -2 April 2019

Occasionally I may need to change a date or slightly change a start-time. I will provide as much notice as possible, probably several weeks in advance (in previous courses this has happened only once or twice). Some additional online sessions may also be scheduled.


Our live sessions will be hosted on the Zoom online platform, which is free to use. You will need a computer or other large device (not a mobile phone) with a built-in video camera so that you’re visible on the group screen, and will also need a headset with integrated microphone (not the microphone built into your computer or device). You will need a fast reliable Internet connection to optimise connectivity for us all and a quiet, private and uninterrupted space in which to participate in the sessions.

If you are not yet familiar with the platform: Zoom is accessible, high quality, and easy to use. It is important you familiarise yourself with the system before our first session – and there will be friendly support available to help you do this.




I have been working with higher frequencies of consciousness for many years, offering in-person and online events as part of my healing practice. I’m based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland and have worked internationally for over 35 years to help people fulfil their life-potential. More on my background is here and on where my work comes from here. For more context on how this work has evolved, see my chapter “Awakening Through We-Space to a Higher Frequency of Life” in Cohering The Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups (2016).

For this training, I will be assisted by Eva Giedt and Nancy Fabiano, and by Halina Rozensztrauch as coordinator of the residential module:

Eva works as a psychotherapist and offers online sessions in higher frequencies and mystical principles. She is also certified in a mindfulness-based psychotherapy (Hakomi). She has worked intensively with Thomas Hübl since 2011, assisting him in the U.S. and online, and has worked closely with me since 2014. She is based in Marin and Monterey, California, and her website is here.

Nancy offers intuitive coaching and alignment sessions for individuals both online and in-person; details are here. She uses her gifts of intuition and imagination in her healing work, and facilitates workshops on cultivating radical presence, women’s themes and expanding subtle capacities. She lives in Kansas City, USA, and has been studying with me since 2014.

Halina is a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT Yoga Alliance) and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. She trained as a psychologist, embracing art therapy and Jungian and psychosomatic approaches, including Focusing (Whole Body Listening). She offers Focusing sessions and is based near London. She has been studying with me since 2014 and her website is here.




Loudwater Farm is a residential centre at a beautiful location in the valley of the river Chess, easily accessible from central London, see here for more background. The postcode is WD3 4HG and the nearest tube and mainline rail station is Rickmansworth (on the Metropolitan Line, around 40 minutes from central London). By car, the Farm is conveniently situated half a mile from J18 of the M25, with plenty of room for parking. If you are travelling by air, there is a useful bus service that runs from Heathrow Airport to Rickmansworth Station, approx. once per hour: the No. 724 coach (Green Line): see here.

Loudwater Farm is also the centre of a thriving community, for the local Subud group. It has served the wider international Subud community as a place of rest for those on their travels around the world for many years and is one of the most well-known and loved Subud houses, continuing to cater for the needs of the group, as well as of frequent national and international gatherings and meetings.


PHOTO CREDITS (where available): Jelle Canipel, Mark Mawson, Ales Krivec, Paul Itkin, Peter Ward, Terrence Malick, and Ray Jennings.


“I find that working with these higher frequencies is an evolutionary accelerator whereby resistant structures can surface and dissolve more easily. The higher knowing can expand our structure and emanate into life – changing everything through an updated relating.”

“These frequencies support me in ways previously unimaginable. There’s a sense of being drawn in – to new situations and configurations with others, and a feeling of openness and readiness as well as an intense velocity and ease…”

“I’m deeply touched by your healing work and the higher intelligence there. I had the feeling of looking into a wide space filled with love.”

“I felt a ceiling in my life open wide after the course with Stephen, a ceiling I didn’t know was there. Its disappearance has allowed me a new kind of access to the vast field of interconnection that seems to be changing everything for me… I feel I am leaning into a new movement, something mysterious, evolutionary, very intimate and alive.”

“I want to acknowledge you for the way you are allowing yourself to expand and expand and expand… the way you keep upping the ante – honoring the shifts and movements in the course to be upgraded again and again. The way you honor and facilitate the emerging alignment with the higher human blueprint. For the ways you continue to allow yourself to ‘come out’ fully into this work, for the ways that you call that out in me and others, I thank you deeply.”

“Your online course was the deepest and highest online experience and exploration I have ever had. I was very surprised over and over again at the level of the teaching and learning that you were bringing forward – thank you.”

“Stephen’s gentle and powerful guidance has opened me to multidimensional teachings. The frame is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“Thank you for tending to every detail, to our every need as a group and as individuals, for the loving care that can be felt in your words and your silences and your sharing yourself so deeply through your work. The fountain of gratitude keeps flowing and nourishing me in the process.”

“Through Stephen’s presence and availability, his loving attention and clear intention, the course was like an in-person seminar for me. Energetically, he was present witnessing, reflecting, guiding and inspiring. The container felt safe, both on the private online page and in the sessions. The course has opened me to many layers of existence that I was unaware of – both on the deeper level of my own and my ancestral field, and on the higher planes of consciousness; a deeply touching and outstanding experience.”

“I was struck by how much is being done in this field, yet bringing all the theory and innovation into group formats and living relationships is clearly the cutting edge, and this is where you reside. Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“I experienced Stephen’s course as a clearly aligned and powerfully vulnerable space of learning to embody deeper collective perspectives and healing. Thank you from my heart.”