Embodying Higher Consciousness : A Weekend of Practices for a Higher Frequency of Life

Friday evening of 16 September to afternoon of Sunday 18 Sept. 2016

Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

P1030630 copy (1) copyHigher consciousness changes everything. The purpose of evolution is to develop through consciousness – to listen and become more responsive to the larger invitation of our life. In each of us is a potential to evolve very differently. To practice higher consciousness is to come into stronger alignment with our life purpose, healing and transforming any aspect of our life that is less aligned.

Everyone has capacity to embody more consciousness in their life and to embrace more of their soul potential. Many people long to relate to life in more essential and transformative ways, but they feel blocked in inner places that seem not accessible, or they find they cannot stabilise at the new vibrations available to them. The practices this weekend will nourish you on this path; they have changed many people’s lives.

This weekend will help you reach fuller potential in every integrated aspect of your life. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is required.

In this weekend you will:

  • learn to apply inner tools, deep-dialogue and somatic presencing work to refine your subtle-energy competence and leverage your spiritual growth;
  • inquire into those unconscious and often inherited inner shadow structures that are next available for your awareness and healing;
  • explore interpersonal attunement and transparency principles to focus your intuitive and psychic perceptual capacities, and to heighten your sensitivity to shared fields of higher vibration (next-level ‘we space’ work);
  • learn to tap into the transformative power of deeper qualities of presence, becoming a clearer space for an ever-higher frequency of life.

P1040146E copyYou can read more background on my higher consciousness work further down this page.

For people who already know the field of my work, in this weekend you’ll dive more deeply into the practices, which are evolving. You’ll become a clearer vessel for transformation as higher consciousness becomes ever more grounded in your life.
retreat 3** SPECIAL EVENT **

On the Saturday evening, Heike Wegener will hold a group healing space with her powerful sound and voice work, to explore the impact of touch and sound frequencies on our energy bodies, see http://heikewegener.com

Booking Your Place and Practical Information

WHERE: the community of Schloss Glarisegg on the beautiful banks of the ‘Bodensee’ (Lake Constance) in northern Switzerland – information is here, and there’s more background at the very bottom of this page.

COST: 260 CHF (Swiss francs) for the workshop, contact Daniel at: [email protected] to reserve your place (some reductions may be available) or if you have any further questions about organisational arrangements or the community. Please contact me here if you have questions about the event itself. Reservations are also required for community food and accommodation: options range from 95 to 145 Swiss francs per night – please check here or phone +41(0)527702188 during office hours.

TIMES: from 18h on Friday 16 September, to 17h on Sunday 18 September (including evening sessions). On Friday 16 September we will gather at 18h ready for dinner together in the community, followed by the first evening session.

GETTING THERE: the seminar centre and community are about an hour and a quarter from Zurich airport by public transport (Basel Euroairport is also possible, about two and a half hours away), and the local train station is Steckborn – here are directions.
20160312-P1250452 copy (1)I have a coaching and healing practice and am based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland and in Switzerland.I have trained with Thomas Hübl at the Academy of Inner Science in Germany and worked internationally for over 35 years to help people fulfil their life-potential.

Read more about my work here, and about me here.

You may be interested in these events too, also in autumn this year:

LONDON, UK, 24-25 September 2016: “A Weekend of Higher Consciousness in Healing Work“, preceded by a day of systemic constellation work on Friday 23 September (a few places available);
MANNHEIM, GERMANY, 1-2 October 2016: “A Weekend of Systemic Constellation Work for Your Personal Issues or Concerns“;
BERLIN, GERMANY, 7 November 2016: a day of systemic constellation work (information to come);
BERLIN, GERMANY, 14-15 January 2017: “Collective Healing, Towards Global Citizenship” (information to come).

For French-speakers there are these opportunities coming up in southern Switzerland:

Beginning this September: “Coaching Holistique
8 October: “Journée ouverte de pratique systémique et de constellations pour vos problématiques personnelles
4-6 November: “La Maestria en coaching holistique – Master en accompagnement du changement par la conscience élargie.

More background on my higher consciousness practices

The practices I have developed invite people to activate and embody higher levels of consciousness as part of an emerging human blueprint. This impacts directly upon all aspects of our lives, and can heal personal and collective traumatic imprints. It contributes to the expanding global movement and shift in planetary consciousness.

This work honours the profound interrelatedness and multidimensional nature of reality, where complex webs of interconnections that transcend time and place become apparent and are experienced. We use whole-field and somatic principles – sometimes in the form of systemic constellation work – as a catalyst for higher consciousness, learning to more deeply presence ourselves and others as transpersonal space.

20160305_P1230866 (2)In particular we learn how to become more sensitive to subtle dimensions of reality, which draws more consciousness into our life and helps us to stabilise there, becoming more embodied in everything we do and are. This brings light and movement to wherever we hold back from a fuller expression of ourselves and attracts to us vastly different opportunities and choices.

To consent to higher frequencies of consciousness is to support radical change in ourselves and in the evolution of us all. It is to co-create a new world through more consciously participating in an accelerated evolutionary process. It is to be more alive, which I believe we are all here to become. Join me, as you learn to embody the consciousness that is waiting for you.

Schloss Glarisegg

GlariseggSchloss1_JV_950x350 (2)Schloss Glarisegg is an alternative lifestyle community beautifully situated between forests, meadows, a river with a waterfall and the shores of Lake Constance, near the town of Steckborn in northern Switzerland. There are extensive grounds, including a private beach for swimming and permaculture gardens – a truly magical and peaceful place for contemplation and inspiration.





“Bowing down, honoring, and sending deep gratitude for your work. It’s so refreshing and honest to be with a teacher who’s willing to be totally human… a living demonstration of non-separation that we fall into, and realize it’s never been missing.”

“Words cannot capture how special this work is. We find tiny openings – portals into our deepest wounding… we listen deeply for the higher frequencies and the flow of love is restored and magic happens…”

“Stephen’s gentle and powerful guidance has opened me to multidimensional teachings. The systemic frame is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“Stephen has the ability to create a field of trust which fosters a deeply experiential exploration of life’s mystery. I feel privileged and extremely grateful.”

“The work happening here with Stephen has been for me powerful beyond measure… There’s a coming-online of myself in a way that feels like coming home…”

“Thank you Stephen for the masterful and magical way you contain the space and gently nudge me to each deeper layer of possibility.”

“Thank you, your openness and vulnerability, your tenderness and care, create a most beautiful and unconditionally loving field of trust. I consider it a great gift to have been able to work with you in this way.”

“It felt holy to participate over the past few days… guided by surrender and in service to something greater of a collective magnitude. I was struck by the power of inclusion and the endless reverberations of tender, growing wholeness and emergent alignment in the flow of Love.”

“I have received a new map for belonging, community, and family. Thank you. Thank you for holding me, for being a place where I could muster every scrap of courage and speak my truth and have it be heard, for seeing the light in me.”

“I learned how to notice when I was fully present in my body. After years of words, I was able to embody the physical experience and get a sense of what grounded truly means and feels like. I also was able to see and feel an energetic family pattern that had effected me my whole life and regained my stance.”

“As a facilitator myself, I am deeply inspired and touched by your work, Stephen. I am touched by your presence, your gentleness and kindness. The absolute, skilful precision and highly refined attunement you bring into the field and the incredible capacity of the containers you are holding and creating. It’s been a great honour and a pleasure. Thank you.”

“The quality of the silence created allowed me to deeply experience the subtle movements of energy within me and how I am related in and to the field. Bearing witness to the creation of Life, in its continuous unfolding, left me with a desire and increased capacity to make more conscious choices. I have a profound realization of the impact that they make in the creation of our world.”

“Such a subtle, smooth, safe container for sublime yet substantial growth. I am very grateful.”

“The space was one of acceptance and love that facilitated opening and brought movement. I am thankful to have had this opportunity that has brought healing and encouragement to deepen into this work we are sharing.”

“Stephen, the work you’re doing is profound and meaningful. Mostly what moves me though is the purity of your intention to serve the unfolding of the soul, our collective growth.”