An Open Day on Healing Through Higher Consciousness and Systemic Constellation Work

with Stephen Busby

16 January 2016, Munich, Germany


Systemic constellation work is a way of identifying and releasing deep patterns within living human systems. The approach honours the profound multidimensional nature of reality, where complex webs of interconnections that transcend time and place become apparent.

The work is based on whole-field somatic principles as a catalyst for higher consciousness. It demonstrates how sensitively exploring subtle movements within energetic fields reveals hidden information and consequences beyond those that we usually perceive. With care, constellation work generates openings, insight and often healing. We are enabled to see, feel and understand how unresolved issues from the past play out in our lives, with immense implications for our development.

There will be space in this Open Day for each of five people to work with me, using the whole group to explore a personal or professional issue that is uppermost in her or his life. Participating in this work as an observer or potential representative can also prove equally moving and healing, and constitutes essential somatic practice for those involved in therapeutic or coaching work, or those interested in deepening their relationship to the subtle realms of life. Previous experience of constellation work can be helpful though is not essential.

For more information:

Location: “Paoso” at Munich-Pasing, a short walk from the railway station,
Price: if you bring an issue: € 110, if you participate as an observer-representative: € 55.
To reserve a place: contact Willi Kiechle, [email protected] (+49) 1522-8615533.

“Remarkable. Powerful. Extraordinary. Deeply healing. Important work, timely and timeless.”

“One of the most powerful processes I’ve ever encountered – and I’ve done a great many processes on my path. Stephen has a way of working that is dynamic and simple to understand and which can help heal long-held patterns.”

“Stephen is doing what I consider to be some of the most important work on the planet today: I can’t recommend his work enough and can’t wait to experience it again.”

“You are the very first person to ever reflect back to me the truth of my very own life process.”

“The deepest work I have ever done and it has penetrated my entire being.”

“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”

“It is a gift that Stephen’s work comes just now. Over and over again I feel his intuition and energy-transfer as so rich and transformative.”

“I am deeply inspired and touched by your work. I am touched by your presence, your gentleness and kindness. The absolute, skillful precision and highly refined attunement you bring into the field and the incredible capacity of the containers you are holding and creating.”

“By far the most powerful tool I have come across in dissolving dysfunctional patterns from the past helping me to go forward.”

10372735_10152539119089687_4081949163258088777_nStephen has a coaching and healing practice and is based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. He has trained with Thomas Hübl at the Academy of Inner Science in Germany, and has worked internationally for 30 years to help people fulfil their life-potential.