Teachings and Practices for Embodying a Higher Frequency of Life

An Intensive Residential Retreat

Thursday evening of 22 June to Sunday afternoon of 25 June 2017

Four Springs Retreat Center, near Middletown, north of Napa Valley, Northern California

20160227_p1230409-1An immense acceleration in consciousness is available to us all, with potential to transform our lives, our societies, our world. Join me, and other practitioners, in grounding and stabilizing at the higher frequencies of consciousness which, for many people, have emerged over recent months especially. These are frequencies that invite more awareness and possibility into our lives, and can be discomforting too. At times, a raised vibration, an expanded life, an ever-opening heart, can feel ‘too much to contain.’ I believe that an awakening path to wholeness invites personal healing, expansion, and an embodied and intimate awareness of the world. These will be the three key aspects of our days together during this retreat, each one is described in more detail further below:

  • Bringing light and inner movement to those dimensions of yourself where you have learned to hold back from a fuller expression of life, which attracts very different opportunities and choices,
  • Developing higher-order integrative perceptual skills and capacities, which support you in embodying higher frequencies of consciousness,
  • Responding differently to the world around and within you as you align with larger evolutionary invitations in your life, especially with collective healing and potential.

Coming to California for higher consciousness work every year has become one of the high points on my own path. This summer we have exclusive use of a beautiful retreat center in the foothills north of Mount Saint Helena, where we will be exploring a new synthesis of personal and collective transformational work. I hope what you read here touches and resonates in you. Your contribution matters, now more than ever.

With love, Stephen.

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The Program

1. Bringing light and movement to those dimensions of yourself where you have learned to hold back from a fuller expression of life, which will attract very different opportunities and choices:

20160305_P1230866 (2)My own journey, and the experience of those whom I work with, entails progressively revealing and clearing layered wounding, or traumatic imprinting, often in slow, precise and subtle ways. These layers become available to us through the relational practices that I have evolved. They invite particular qualities of presence, inquiry, and shadow-work, in ways that allow movement and healing to unfold organically in our life. Through each layer, more of our life-potential is released, which we are then more resourced – through new capacities – to meet and make manifest in everyday ways. Perhaps we begin to recognize ourselves less, while also realizing a dimension of self to whom we are coming home.

2. Developing higher-order integrative perceptual skills and capacities, which will support you in embodying higher frequencies of consciousness:

P1030630 copy (1) copyThrough subtle energy work, we become sensitive to finer transpersonal impulses and invitations, and available to inner states of realization. We are stabilizing at higher dimensional realities, raising our vibration and revealing more of our divine purpose in life. Progressively, we learn how the fear-based structures that many of us are vulnerable to and tend to compensate for (of unworthiness for instance), are presenced, and can be held differently within us. Rather than continuing to recycle our conditioning and karmic imprinting through painful symptoms or crises, we begin to align more with our purpose at the level of Soul. With practice, new skills and capacities, inner resources and psychic sensitivities are a natural effect of our deepening development.

3. Responding differently to the world around and within you as you align with larger evolutionary invitations in your life, especially with collective healing and potential:

p1250912-1-or-anja_side-panelHigher consciousness practices invite a more responsible and mature integration of all that we have inherited. Within a systemic perspective, our personal shadow aspects emerge from a context of collective transgenerational wounding. I believe that we-space work means we develop as ‘energetic containers’, where we learn to care for and honor those aspects of the traumatized core of our common past that are alive still in our present. We use subtle and systemic tools and approaches to attune together to the emerging needs of our collective body, bringing love and light to those archetypal shadow-structures which we are increasingly more available to presence.

20160308_024-1As the dilemmas and crises that humankind faces become more acute, we are learning to contain more, on behalf of the wounded human collective. Through higher consciousness practices, many of us are equipped to respond to life inside and outside more precisely and effectively through subtle capacities. We are shifting the locus of our identity: becoming more world-aware and kosmocentric in all that we do and are. We are also discovering that subtle activism – where we practice actually embodying more of the higher consciousness that is our birthright – is less something that we need to learn how to do, and more part of our core incarnational purpose and path. We are learning to affirm our innate wholeness and multidimensionality, and to allow the highest expression of ourselves to unfold, as part of a growing field of planetary consciousness work.

More information
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Recently Stephen held a free online call where previous participants spoke from their experience of the face-to-face events and of the online courses (the new online course starts 21 February 2017). Listen to these highlights from the call here (about 40 minutes long):

If you have questions about the content of the event then write to Stephen here. If you have questions about the organization of the event then write to John here.

AFTER THE THREE-DAY EVENT: For those who participate in the residential retreat, there will be some opportunities for personal readings and systemic sessions with Stephen during the one or two days immediately following; information will be available nearer the time.

BEFORE THE EVENT: As part of his North American trip, Stephen will be running a three-day training event on the west coast of Canada – on Working With People Through Higher Consciousness and Systemic Constellation Work, 15-18 June 2017, this event is now full, with a waiting list. The two events – in California and Canada will be complementary.

20160312-P1250452 copy (1)STEPHEN’S BACKGROUND AND HOW WE WILL WORK: Stephen has a healing, training and coaching practice, travels widely in the world, and is based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. He has synthesized his Embodying Higher Consciousness practices from diverse sources and teachings, including subtle energy and soul purpose work, training in contemporary mysticism with Thomas Hübl, and new variants of systemic constellation work. He has worked for over 35 years to help individuals, organizations and communities fulfill their higher potential.

Stephen generally uses small-group exercises and dialogue, systemic constellation and inner work when leading groups. The exercises and formats are easily accessible, for every level of experience.

WHO THE THREE DAYS ARE FOR: The teachings and practices are constantly evolving.

The three days will be as appropriate for those with limited experience in the field of consciousness work, as for long-term practitioners or students – whose path will be nourished and deepened and in whom the higher frequencies are stabilizing.

UPDATES: Stay updated on Stephen’s trip and on all his work by 1. Signing up to his occasional newsletters here, 2. by joining the Facebook group for his North American work here, and 3. by “liking” his community Facebook page here.

The Place (and getting there)

cabin-02-2We will have exclusive use of Four Springs Retreat Center, which is a few minutes’ drive from Harbin Hot Springs, 20 minutes from Calistoga, and 1 hour 45 minutes north of San Francisco, to the north of Napa Valley wine country. Four Springs is a beautiful secluded property with a long tradition of inner work. It is abundant with springs and creek, on 280 oak and pine forested acres in the foothills north of Mount Saint Helena, southern Lake County. Clear water comes from natural springs, and there are art and meditation buildings, a library and seminar room, together with a swimming pool, a grape arbor, meadows and numerous trails.

ACCOMMODATION: Various cabin accommodation options and prices are available, with private bathrooms, semi-private or shared bathrooms, and you may also camp on-site – click on the Cost and Reservations link just below here.

PHOTOS AND FOOD: Photos of the Retreat Canter are included in the slide show at the top of this page, and more are at the foot of the page too. The retreat will be catered by Daveed, whose food will be fresh, local, organic and vegetarian – a sample menu is here.

CAR SHARING: we are encouraging the wider community of practitioners in the Bay Area to offer and share rides, you’ll find an option for this when booking your place.


Cost and Reservations

Prices are all-inclusive of everything you need – the tuition program, the catering provided, and accommodation. They vary according to the type of accommodation you prefer and places are bookable here. We have chosen to deliberately limit the number of available places so as to optimize quality of contact between participants and with Stephen, and these Early Bird Rates will apply only until April 22, 2017 – at which date the cost of any remaining places will increase by around 15%.

CANCELLATIONS: The following policy will apply:

– a $100 fee for all cancellations before April 22, 2017;
– a 30% fee for all cancellations between April 22 and May 22;
– no refunds after May 22, nor once the retreat has begun.

TIMES: From Thursday afternoon 22 June 2017 – arrival between 4.00 and 5.00 pm ready for dinner at 6pm, through to Sunday Afternoon 25 June at 5.30 pm. Note that there will be evening sessions.

IMPORTANT: in booking a place you acknowledge that you have read and agree to Stephen’s General Terms & Conditions, here. 


Four Springs Retreat Center, Northern California:






“Stephen’s gentle and powerful guidance has opened me to multidimensional teachings. The frame is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”

“I am deeply inspired and touched by your work. I am touched by your presence, your gentleness and kindness. The absolute, skillful precision and highly refined attunement you bring into the field and the incredible capacity of the containers you are holding and creating.”

“Stephen’s work strengthens my own skills and gets me involved with something bigger than myself – developing a higher consciousness that lies beyond my own preferences and comfort zones.”

“The work you’re doing Stephen is profound and meaningful. Mostly what moves me though is the purity of your intention to serve the unfolding of the soul, our collective growth.”

“In Stephen’s presence I experience a profound level of clarity, humility and integrity. He’s in touch with who he is as a human being and encourages me to be that way too.”

“Gratitude for your spaciousness, attunement and subtle awareness which allows feelings, emotions, aspects of the soul and personality to be seen, experienced and return to wholeness. It is a true gift and opportunity to learn from you.”

“To have crossed paths with you as a teacher touches my heart greatly. The ripple effect of your work is profoundly felt. Thank you for calling me out.”

“You are the very first person to ever reflect back to me the truth of my very own life process.”

“The work taught me to listen and tune into fields of information, to take responsibility for what I learnt there and to live with more intensity and more fun.”

“The quality of the space allowed me to deeply experience the subtle movements of energy within me and how I am related in and to the field. Bearing witness to the creation of Life, in its continuous unfolding, left me with a desire and increased capacity to make more conscious choices. I have a profound realization of the impact that they make in the creation of our world.”

“It felt holy to participate over the past few days… guided by surrender and in service to something greater of a collective magnitude. I was struck by the power of inclusion and the endless reverberations of tender, growing wholeness and emergent alignment in the flow of Love.”

“Stephen is doing what I consider to be some of the most important work on the planet today: I can’t recommend his work enough and can’t wait to experience it again.”

“I was struck by how much is being done in this field, yet bringing all the theory and innovation into group formats and living relationships is clearly the cutting edge, and this is where you reside. Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“Stephen’s work, as an extension of Thomas Hübl’s work and in alignment with many intersubjective practices, begins to show us that the next level of human potential depends in part on a shift of focus from our individualized subjective experience to a deeper understanding of the energetic field in which we are embedded in and of which we are a manifestation. Stephen trains us in the ability to work directly with this field to effect systemic as well as personal transformation.”

“Words cannot capture how special this work is. We find tiny openings – portals into our deepest wounding… we listen deeply for the higher frequencies and the flow of love is restored and magic happens…”

“Stephen has the ability to create a field of trust which fosters a deeply experiential exploration of life’s mystery.”

“The space was one of acceptance and love that facilitated opening and brought movement. I am thankful to have had this opportunity that has brought healing and encouragement to deepen into this work we are sharing.”

“Bowing down, honoring, and sending deep gratitude for your work. It’s so refreshing and honest to be with a teacher who’s willing to be totally human… a living demonstration of non-separation that we fall into, and realize it’s never been missing.”

“Thank you Stephen for the masterful and magical way you contain the space and gently nudge me to each deeper layer of possibility.”

“Thank you, your openness and vulnerability, your tenderness and care, create a most beautiful and unconditionally loving field of trust. I consider it a great gift to have been able to work with you in this way.”

“I learned how to notice when I was fully present in my body. After years of words, I was able to embody the physical experience and get a sense of what grounded truly means and feels like.”

“The quality of the silence created allowed me to deeply experience the subtle movements of energy within me and how I am related in and to the field. Bearing witness to the creation of Life, in its continuous unfolding, left me with a desire and increased capacity to make more conscious choices. I have a profound realization of the impact that they make in the creation of our world.”

“I have received a new map for belonging, community, and family. Thank you. Thank you for holding me, for being a place where I could muster every scrap of courage and speak my truth and have it be heard, for seeing the light in me.”

“Such a subtle, smooth, safe container for sublime yet substantial growth. I am very grateful.”