The Heart of Man

Higher Consciousness for Men

with Stephen Busby & Martin Bruders (in English)

26-27 September 2014, Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland


As men how do we hold back from living our deepest questions and longing, from complete relationship, from acting with passion and responsibility in the world, from full presence with others and with ourselves? And when we don’t hold back then what becomes possible, healed or transformed? One place connects all these questions – at the centre of our heart. When we explore this place through higher consciousness we are in contact with our strongest evolutionary calling: with the source of the soul-impulse that is seeking fulfilment through all the challenges and invitations in our life.

You’re welcome whether you feel successful or stressed, loved or alone, intimate with life or separated from it. All the men within you are welcome too, including those whom you have inherited and who impact upon us all still – our fathers, grandfathers and beyond. Our experience is that through higher consciousness our lives become less complicated and more complex and complete, and that we live more authentically and vulnerably: closer to our essence. In this work we will nurture a particular quality of presence that becomes perceptible in our smallest actions and most ambitious projects.

Martin & Stephen will co-facilitate this event. Martin has worked in corporate and personal development through performance art and improvisational theatre. He has co-developed leadership programmes in coaching innovation, mediation and transparent communication and is the co-creator of the Integral Roadshow: an ‘infotainment’ ( He is part of Global Consciousness Consulting (Berlin).

To book your place: email [email protected] or tel. 07910003923.

Cost: CHF 300 (some reductions may be available), food & accommodation not included.

Where and when: Schloss Glarisegg Community, Switzerland (, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

“Stunning and refreshing to see the transparency between two men open my heart to tears. So tired of big name teachers ‘talking about’ but not demonstrating what this embodiment might look like – bare naked and beautiful in its vulnerability.”

“Stephen personifies an all too rare healthy, mature masculine principle, patiently calling us to our best selves – and does so in the most piercingly unconditional and gentlemanly manner. Through his guidance, we are each uniquely empowered to bring forth our intuition, somatic awareness and spiritual savvy. His generosity and grace is beyond compare.”

“In one weekend, Stephen created a visceral experience of what’s possible in human embodiment, linking the primal and the sacred.”

10372735_10152539119089687_4081949163258088777_nStephen has a coaching and healing practice, travels widely and is based at the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland. He has trained with Thomas Hübl at the Academy of Inner Science in Germany and worked internationally for over 30 years to help people fulfil their life-potential. For more information: