Next Steps in Higher Consciousness

An End-of-Year Weekend Retreat

with Stephen Busby

30-31 December 2017, Newbold House, Findhorn Community


You’re welcome to join us at a lovely retreat centre, Newbold House, part of the Findhorn Community, at this year’s end. During this weekend we will be using higher consciousness and subtle energy practices to attune to our next steps in consciousness for the year ahead, and to explore their implications. The short retreat will be reflective and nourishing, and includes the option to stay over longer for one or more nights in the house as part of your transition into 2018. We will finish by 6pm on Sunday evening 31 December, leaving you free to join the New Year’s Eve festivities in the main community if you wish, or to stay quietly in the house (in the beautiful Art Room).

Read more on the retreat below, or check the practicalities here (including more on the house).


“I left the workshop with an expanded sense of self that goes far beyond the personal stories and explanations that I have used to reference my life. I continue to experience an immense sense of wholeness that seems to encompass the entire human experience and so much more.”


End-of-Year Higher Consciousness Work


Many of us are experiencing an expansion in consciousness, with potential to transform our lives and our world. Yet this can bring challenges too. At the time of the turning of the year, this retreat is an opportunity to ground and integrate the inner openings that are available to you, while allowing a sense of your next steps ahead.

We-spaces of collective consciousness and healing work are essential. Higher frequencies of consciousness bring light and movement to those parts of ourselves where we learned to hold back from a fuller expression of life. Shadow aspects and trauma are often revealed, inviting particular qualities of love and presence, especially in secure group settings

Our next steps often entail higher-order integrative skills and capacities, as we allow for deeper sensitivity to subtle impulses and are available to inner states of realization. We also practice meeting wounded structures differently, aligning with more of our purpose at the level of Soul.

Through the practices that I have evolved over many years, we learn to respond to life inside and outside more precisely and effectively. We learn to affirm and honour our innate wholeness and multidimensionality in everyday life, and to allow the highest expression of ourselves to unfold, as part of a growing field of planetary consciousness work. We realize a divine dimension of self, to whom we are coming home.



Saturday 30th, 9am-9.30pm (including lunch and dinner breaks, and an evening session);
Sunday 31st, 9am-5.30pm (including lunch break).

Cost and how to book – there are two parts:

  1. The retreat sessions, payable in advance, cost £200, write to Stephen here for registration and payment details,
  2. The Newbold House facilities, payable in advance to the House team, which include all weekend meals – two lunches and one dinner on Saturday for around £30, as well as the option of dinner on Sunday, plus any overnight B&B accommodation you may need. Accommodation in the house is not available before the Saturday** but is possible if you’d like to stay on or past New Year’s Eve into the new year, which some of us have arranged to do. Prices range from £32-£38 per person in shared rooms, with a supplement for single occupancy, including breakfast. Write to Newbold House here or phone +44 1309 672659.

** Other B&B options in the local area and community can be found here.

How to get to Newbold House is here.

Terms & Conditions: in booking a place you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the General Terms & Conditions, here.


More on Stephen

Stephen has a healing, training and coaching practice, travels widely, and is based in Findhorn. He has synthesized his Embodying Higher Consciousness practices from diverse sources and teachings, including subtle energy and soul purpose work, training in contemporary mysticism with Thomas Hübl, and new variants of systemic constellation work.

Stephen has worked for over 35 years to help individuals, organizations and communities fulfill their higher potential. He uses small-group exercises and dialogue, systemic constellation and inner work when leading groups. The exercises and formats are easily accessible for every level of experience. More about Stephen is here.


More on Newbold House

Built in 1893, this magnificent victorian house features original carved wooden panels and fireplaces, high corniced ceilings and stained glass. The site is said to lie on a leyline, and a Pictish building was found outside in the courtyard when the foundations were being laid. There is a glass and iron conservatory – the Crystal Palace, where even in winter there is a sense of delight because of the oxygen rich air.

The walled garden was planted with specimen trees from around the world by Victorian gardeners – many now over a century old, including Atlantic Cedars, Incense Cedars and Copper Beech, as well as the native Scots Pine. Around the garden are spaces for contemplation and relaxing, including the Peace Garden in the walls of an old greenhouse that once stood on the site. Out of the back gate are the woodlands and their walks, which abound with wildlife.

The food served in the house is organic and as locally sourced as possible. All guests have access to the Sanctuary under the roof, the Library, and the Pantry where organic teas and coffees are available. All the photos at the top of this page are of the house and surroundings.


How to get to Newbold House

The house is at 111 St.Leonard’s Road, Forres, IV36 2RE

The nearest airport is Inverness: number 11 bus to Forres, then a local taxi or taxi from the airport. From Inverness bus or train stations: the number 10 or 11 bus to Forres, or the train to Forres, and a local taxi or walk. From Aberdeen airport: local taxi to Dyce rail-station then train to Forres, and a local taxi. From other Scottish airports – Edinburgh and Glasgow, trains and buses run to Forres via Inverness,

In Forres: buses stop in the High Street at either Tolbooth or St.Leonard’s church, from where you can either order a local taxi or walk to the House in around 20-25 minutes. The local taxi ride costs around £5-£8; recommended are either Mac’s EcoTaxi (+44 1309 673305 or +44 7936 311924) or Mundole (+44 1309 672354 or 673168, or freephone 0800 123444),

Community-run taxi services are displayed in The Park (at the General Office) and in Cluny Hill College, on the bulletin-boards; these run to/from the airports or Inverness.

Coming from The Park, Findhorn:

A public bus runs to Forres High Street: number 31, ‘the Findhorn Forres Circular’, the timetable is here (this does not run early enough for our Saturday morning session),

The Findhorn Foundation bus service, when space allows, may bring you from The Park to Forres High Street, and on to Cluny Hill College which is near Newbold House (either stop in Forres High Street, or walk down from the College, or ask to stop at the foot of the College driveway near the road, then a 10 minute walk); this minibus leaves on weekdays from The Park at 8am, 1.15pm, and 5.20pm, full timetable here.

More information: see here for a listing of most local transport as well as a link to the local area recommended B&B’s, and here for another travel summary.


“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”


“You have brought an unfathomable gift of highest love. My understanding of how the unseen is made known into embodiment has been given the greatest boost. The gentle way, the unconditional way, so touching and now imprinted into my being even more.”

“Stephen is a master facilitator of the most important skill in life:  deep presence. He guided me carefully and slowly into a felt experience of my self, my body sensations and my emotions, which helped me to see more of who I really am and what my purpose is.”

“The work has taught me to listen and tune into fields of information, to take responsibility for what I learned there and to live with more intensity and more fun.”

“I have become a more conscious host of the soul´s energy, and the heart is the center, communicating and receiving the world. I feel deeply touched and am grateful and humbled. Such gratefulness for having been guided to this place, Stephen.”

“You have taught me in a powerful way to listen for what has energy and to move from there in my life.”

“Stephen’s gentle and powerful guidance has opened me to multidimensional teachings. The frame is large, inclusive and enables profoundly deep healing.”

“Your work has enabled me to undergo the most profound change. I’m stunned by your ability to slow down, relate to the most subtle things in my presence, and thus help me to untangle the deepest patterns.”

“I am deeply inspired and touched by your presence, gentleness and kindness. The absolute, skillful precision and highly refined attunement you bring into the field and the incredible capacity of the containers you are holding and creating.”

“Stephen’s work strengthens my own skills and gets me involved with something bigger than myself – developing a higher consciousness that lies beyond my own preferences and comfort zones.”

“The work you’re doing Stephen is profound and meaningful. Mostly what moves me though is the purity of your intention to serve the unfolding of the soul, our collective growth.”

“In Stephen’s presence I experience a profound level of clarity, humility and integrity. He’s in touch with who he is as a human being and encourages me to be that way too.”

“Gratitude for your spaciousness, attunement and subtle awareness which allows feelings, emotions, aspects of the soul and personality to be seen, experienced and return to wholeness. It is a true gift and opportunity to learn from you.”

“To have crossed paths with you as a teacher touches my heart greatly. The ripple effect of your work is profoundly felt. Thank you for calling me out.”

“You are the very first person to ever reflect back to me the truth of my very own life process.”

“The quality of the space allowed me to deeply experience the subtle movements of energy within me and how I am related in and to the field. Bearing witness to the creation of Life, in its continuous unfolding, left me with a desire and increased capacity to make more conscious choices. I have a profound realization of the impact that they make in the creation of our world.”

“It felt holy to participate over the past few days… guided by surrender and in service to something greater of a collective magnitude. I was struck by the power of inclusion and the endless reverberations of tender, growing wholeness and emergent alignment in the flow of Love.”

“Thank you for being a pioneer in the integration of consciousness, psychology, and human development. I cannot imagine a more important work.”

“Stephen has the ability to create a field of trust which fosters a deeply experiential exploration of life’s mystery.”

“The space was one of acceptance and love that facilitated opening and brought movement. I am thankful to have had this opportunity that has brought healing and encouragement to deepen into this work we are sharing.”

“Bowing down, honoring, and sending deep gratitude for your work. It’s so refreshing and honest to be with a teacher who’s willing to be totally human… a living demonstration of non-separation that we fall into, and realize it’s never been missing.”

“Thank you Stephen for the masterful and magical way you contain the space and gently nudge me to each deeper layer of possibility.”

“Thank you, your openness and vulnerability, your tenderness and care, create a most beautiful and unconditionally loving field of trust. I consider it a great gift to have been able to work with you in this way.”

“I learned how to notice when I was fully present in my body. After years of words, I was able to embody the physical experience and get a sense of what grounded truly means and feels like.”

“Stephen’s generosity of spirit and deep presence in facilitating offers a profound experience. I feel that I am standing on new ground and trust in what the work offers and what I can offer to the work.”

“I have received a new map for belonging, community, and family. Thank you. Thank you for holding me, for being a place where I could muster every scrap of courage and speak my truth and have it be heard, for seeing the light in me.”