Higher Consciousness for Individuals and Personal Development

Join me to cultivate, embody and ground higher consciousness in your life through one of the popular Open Group events held in various countries. There are also weekends on Soul-Work and on The Heart of Man, as well as new online courses: Higher Consciousness Online.

If your work is to support others in any capacity, for example as a coach, catalyst, therapist, health practitioner, leader or consultant, or in any healing or developmental role, then you will benefit from a training event on Working Through Higher Consciousness. You can also find out about mentoring opportunities too.

The approach we follow is two-fold:

On one hand you will explore and develop subtle-realm competence by using simple techniques to expand your awareness of a much fuller and essential radius of life. You will learn to become more sensitive to – and more practiced in navigating within – the subtle realms of reality, there where consciousness is ready to take all of us and which were probably not part of your education or cultural conditioning;

Simultaneously you will use your increased sensitivity to higher consciousness to explore those aspects of your personal, social or professional environments where you experience blockages or impediments in your relationships, projects or goals. As part of this developmental process you will open to insight, grace and higher intelligence – which will empower you on energetic levels to invite and allow change, and sometimes healing. Through this, you will gain more clarity in how and where you need to act next.

Higher consciousness work will lead to more sustainable outcomes and genuinely holistic solutions to all our questions and challenges. It will strengthen and resource you in the next levels of your evolution. You will reach a much fuller potential in every integrated aspect of your life.

This work is also highly effective in businesses or organisational contexts, in communities and teams.

Contact me to explore what is most appropriate for you.

“One of the most powerful processes I’ve ever encountered – and I’ve done a great many processes on my path. Stephen has a way of working that is dynamic and simple to understand and which can help heal long-held patterns.”

“Stephen is doing what I consider to be some of the most important work on the planet today: teaching people how to connect effortlessly, joyfully, and in a fully conscious way to themselves and one another through the multi-dimensional ocean of energy that we swim in. This is the place where all of creation may be touched and deeply known, where problems are solved, and where everything becomes possible. I can’t recommend his work enough and can’t wait to experience it again.”

“I can’t tell you how happy I feel inside about all the changes – the biggest gift in years! I have finally been able to liberate myself from old blockages stuck in my body that stood in my way to transformation.”


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