Why Higher Consciousness is the Key

“In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness.” (Carl Jung)

“… Action, although necessary, is only a secondary factor in manifesting external reality. The primary factor in creation is consciousness. No matter how active we are, how much effort we make, our state of consciousness creates our world, and if there is no change on that inner level, no amount of action will make any difference. We would only recreate modified versions of the same world again and again, a world that is an external reflection of ego.” (Eckhart Tolle)

All outer change arises through consciousness: a fact that countless people around the world already understand through direct personal experience. Higher consciousness radically changes everything. Through it we become more aligned with the evolutionary invitation of our life – the potential to evolve very differently. This is an invitation coming through many more people so powerfully these days. To practice higher consciousness is to come into strong alignment with our life purpose, healing and transforming any aspect of our life that is less aligned.

Everyone has capacity to embody more consciousness in their life and to embrace more of their soul potential. Many people long to relate to life in more essential and transformative ways, but they feel blocked in inner places that seem not accessible, or they find they cannot stabilise at the new vibrations available to them. The higher consciousness practices that I have developed nourish people on this path; they have changed many people’s lives.

Essentially, the practices invite us to become more sensitive to subtle dimensions of reality. They help us to explore with awareness these dimensions of ourselves. We learn to navigate there and to invite more consciousness into our life. In response, life then invites us to embody ever more consciousness. As we learn to ground and stabilise at these higher levels, we become more of an embodiment of consciousness in everything we do and are, gradually integrating inner and outer awareness. This brings light and movement to those areas of ourselves where we hold back from a fuller experience and expression of life, and attracts to us very different opportunities and choices.

Through higher consciousness work, our life, learning and perceptual sensitivities invite a level of consciousness that is more world-centric than ego-centric, more attuned to the whole human collective than with the preoccupations of the self or of its own limited context. To consent to higher levels of consciousness is to support radical change in ourself, in our environments and in the evolution of us all – of humanity. It is to co-create a new world through aligning with a higher frequency of life. It is to consciously participate in the evolutionary process. It is to become more alive.

This is a time of tremendous transformation of consciousness. Many people are engaged in the field of this work through a variety of teachings, research, or community, or through the next level of conscious networking. Join us in embodying higher consciousness to become part of the powerful movement for change. Subscribe to regular news on upcoming events and check out my own Facebook Community Page, explore opportunities for individuals (including Higher Consciousness Online: the online courses) as well as for organisations, businesses or communities, or check next events.

“After I’d taken Stephen’s workshop people kept asking what had happened to me (one friend said: ‘whatever it is, I’m in!’) because they saw light shining bright in me – radiating out of me in a way I had no control over.”

“This is expansion: something without category and it’s a global thing we have been waiting for – and for me the wait is over!”

“An invitation to a different way of being and an expanded concept of what it means to be human.”


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