Meet Others

Wherever you are in the world, we encourage you to meet with others who are engaged in this work – there are local contact people with news of events either for my own work or with other people who are involved in the wider field. Some of the key people are here below (when writing to them you will need to remove the spaces around the @):


USA / California

John McCourt

john @


Shayla Wright

shayla @

sandrine E sm


French-speaking region

Sandrine Prette

sandrineprette @

dan E


German-speaking region

Daniel Auf der Mauer

dan @

halina E

England and Poland

Halina Rosensztrauch @

maya E


Susan Robertson

suerobbo25 @

angel sm


Ángel Gil Parejo

angel.gilparejo @

markus E sm


Markus Fernlund

markusfernlund @

willi E sm


southern region, Munich

Willi Kiechle

willi.kiechle @


Sarah Janssens

sarafijn @



Anja Krüger

krueger.anja @

USA / East Coast

Sean Brawley

sbrawl @

Northern England

Scott Ligertwood

ligertwood64 @

USA / Mid West

Nancy Fabiano

fabnance @


Nicole Rege Colet

nicole.regecolet @


Florence Tibout

flor.shiatsu @


In addition there may well be people in other countries who are available – contact me for more information, and see all upcoming events here. You can also stay up to date with news and events by signing up for my Events-Update and checking out my Facebook Community Page and “Liking” that page will further support the field of this work, thank you!

“This is expansion: something without category and it’s a global thing we have been waiting for – and for me the wait is over!”

“You’ve helped me get in touch with deeper sensitivities and I realise with gratitude that I’m no longer afraid of getting in contact with what’s inside.”

“The workshop was awesome. In the midst of all the chaos going on here [in Israel] the atmosphere was inviting and everyone felt acknowledged and appreciated for what they are. I personally had several breakthroughs and felt it was a true path of expanding my awareness through ease and safety.”