Mentoring Opportunities

Occasionally I work with someone in a one-to-one mentoring relationship, generally via the internet.

I do not usually give one-off sessions. Instead, if someone has direct experience of my work through a group or private event and we both feel the person might benefit from more personal contact, then a mentoring relationship may be appropriate.

In this case I invite the individual to commit to a series of mentoring sessions scheduled to support his or her development over several months.

Contact me for information on how to apply, and see the general terms and conditions.

“Thank you deeply for having supported my path this year as my mentor. This has started to heal an absence I have felt all my life – of learning and sharpening my skills and abilities from a man of clear inner strength. Being in contact with you, with what you infuse into this world, gives me something exceptional to aspire to.”

“I loved your presence and wisdom. I experienced you as authentic, grounded and unpretentious. Thank you for sharing the transformative potential of your work: it has changed my life literally.”


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