Open Groups

In Open Groups we explore our alignment with the inner flow of life, allowing for transformation in all those aspects of our life that are not aligned. We learn to relate creatively to everyday reality around and within us differently, realising new depths of empowerment and love.

To claim more consciousness for ourselves is also to support radical change in our environments and in the evolution of humanity. It is to co-create a new world through becoming an ever-clearer channel for a higher frequency of life. This leads to more fulfilment and presence in our relationships and intimacy, at work in our projects and goals, in our families and communities, and much more. It brings insight to what prevents us from finding resolution to persistent issues and can help free us from deep-seated systemic influences (which may be expressed as ill-health for example, or an inability to live to our deepest capacity).

In these groups we weave together simple small and large group exercises, dialogue, systemic and inner work to explore the invisible subtle fields of which we are a part, including more of ourselves when we do this: more of our shadow aspects and higher calling; more of our creative inspiration and of the somatic, intuitive and psychic intelligence that is available to us all.

This often leads to valuable insight in how and where we need to act next – to more holistic solutions to our questions and challenges, helping us to reach a much fuller potential in every integrated aspect of our life.

Check next events for news of Open Groups in your region, or contact me if you’d like to explore which events may be appropriate for you.

Note that in environments where some people may not be native English speakers we use simple English and are creative with any minimal translation needs.

“I cannot begin to encompass the depth and impact just two days did to alter me in a huge way: something has dropped away that was clogging up my life and not until it dropped did I realize I was carrying baggage I didn’t know I even had. My whole world has had a new operating system installed.”

“Thank you feels far from enough to express how I feel about the whole experience. I’m deeply grateful for your exceptional gift to be a container for profound transformation. It touches my heart so deeply to have found someone to work with who is unconditionally supportive to all, balancing a beautiful humility with great strength to hold whatever is presented.”

“In one weekend, Stephen created a visceral experience of what’s possible in human embodiment, linking the primal and the sacred.”


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