Soul-Work is a powerful approach to personal transformation that will help you realise, ground and live more of the potential that lies at the level of the soul.

Soul is a dimension of the subtle realms of life, to which we can cultivate much stronger connection. We practice expanding our subtle-field awareness, aligning ourselves with the stream of potential that is ready to manifest through our lives, work, projects and relationships.

Soul may come through your sense of mission in this life, which is connected to the larger evolutionary purpose seeking expression through you. Or it may emerge through an exploration of what holds you back from an experience of connectedness or strength in life. Soul-Work can lead to insight into what prevents you from finding resolution to familiar blockages or behaviours, and it can help to free you from deep-seated systemic influences, illness, habits or addictions. This leads to more fulfilment in relationships and intimacy, family and community, parenting and health, work, and much more.

If you’re longing to manifest more in life then join me for a Soul-Work weekend. Through small and large group exercises, systemic constellation approaches and inner alignment work, you will practice opening your perception to explore the subtle fields of which we are all a part, including more of yourself when you do this: more of your potential, shadow aspects and higher calling; more of your creative inspiration and of the somatic, intuitive and psychic intelligence that is available to all of us in the whole field of life.

Soul-Work has helped many people to become more embodied and more surrendered to where life is waiting to take them. Check next events for news of Soul-Work weekends in your region, or contact me if you’d like to explore which events may be appropriate for you.

Note that in environments where some people may not be native English speakers we use simple English and are creative with any minimal translation needs.


“Stephen’s gentle guidance and direction is like homeopathy for the soul. Remarkable healing and compassion for self and others emerges. The effects are memorable and profound.”

“Thank you – this work is so subtle and profound that it allows me to see and feel the layers, and to get to the root of things.”

“Incomparably sensitive and empathic work, the images remain imprinted in me and continue to move and work.”


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Listen to short spoken extracts or to longer dialogues on aspects of Higher Consciousness work. There is also video and a long list of recommended reading – books and online. >>>



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