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I deliver individual and team coaching, and skills programmes on Working through Higher Consciousness in professional environments, and I have developed a powerful body of work that focuses on Inner Leadership and on increasing individuals’ or organisations’ Innovation Capacity. In addition I deliver seminars on Purpose and Potential in Business Environments. Contact me to explore what is most appropriate for you.

Read more below on my approach to working with teams, leaders, organisations or communities – including the business case for higher consciousness, or read about my personal background or specifically about my business and organisational profile.

Higher consciousness in professional environments is not new. Research has been finding its way from places of leading-edge social and cultural experimentation into mainstream business for decades. This is currently expressed as, for instance, ‘mindfulness in business’ (through meditative awareness-based approaches), while leadership and organisational development frequently focuses on consciousness as an add-on: something that will add value to – and leverage – the effectiveness of current practices.

Embodying Higher Consciousness neither seeks to add value to existing practices, nor supports people in continuing to do what they are doing more meditatively or even successfully. Instead it will radically transform the way life’s creative impulse finds expression through you – in whatever collective or professional context you are working:

  • It will increase the strength of the vibrational frequency of life that underpins your projects, resulting in a powerful magnetising effect, attracting to you people, resources and inner support that will most contribute to the impact of any activities that have an evolutionary focus;
  • It will change the way you perceive reality and confront you in those aspects of yourself (individually or collectively) that are held back from authentic contact with life, supporting you in exploring the hidden often systemic factors at work that undermine your effectiveness in leading and bringing positive change to the world;
  • It will deepen your perceptual focus, transform the way you make decisions, and facilitate the unfoldment of life’s highest potential through you, leveraging your innovative capacity. Some areas of focus or activity may well fall-away, while others will increase in potency and appeal.

The approach is two-fold. On one hand you will develop subtle-realm competence by using simple techniques to expand your awareness of a fuller more essential radius of life. You will learn to become more sensitive to – and more practiced in navigating within – the subtle realms of reality, there where consciousness is ready to take you and which were probably not part of your education or cultural conditioning.

Simultaneously you will use your increased sensitivity to higher consciousness to explore those aspects of your social or professional environments where you may experience blockages or impediments in your projects or goals, or wherever organisational impediments are apparent. As part of your inner developmental process you will learn to open to insight and higher intelligence, which will empower you on energetic levels to invite and allow change and transformation. You will gain more clarity in how and where you need to act next. This will lead to more sustainable outcomes and genuinely holistic solutions to your questions and challenges.

Embodying Higher Consciousness will strengthen and resource you in the next levels of your personal, professional or organisational evolution, so that you fulfil more potential in every integrated aspect of your life.

Why we need higher consciousness in businesses and organisations – the business case

The dominant model of competitive economic growth in our industrialised societies has long been called into question. Yet despite this, working life continues to be organised largely through habit, driven by concepts such as control and predictability, performance and productivity, scarcity and standardization, and faster-is-better. The same organisational models continue despite their increasing dysfunction: a cultural pattern that is perpetuated through a view of the self that is framed primarily in economic terms.

A dual focus upon individualism and separation – of the person and of the organisation ‘alone and struggling within a potentially hostile or competitive environment’ – means that we continue to evaluate success in terms of performance and competitive advantage, striving to measure that performance in individualistic ways, as if it were still only about personal skills and competencies. Outcomes are rarely considered or imagined in terms of the well-being of embedded business and social ecosystems, since the focus remains firmly upon the parts – without attending to the whole.

The consequences for most people are mainstream workplaces and professional lives that are not very flexible, responsive, collaborative, inspiring or innovative. ‘Work’ as most of us know it succeeds only very partially in mobilising our intelligence, skills, wisdom and imagination. There is a growing feeling of disillusion and of stuckness there as things fall apart, and a feeling in many people that somewhere there is a possibility of living and working together completely differently.

There are alternatives to the prevailing economic and social models, other ways of organizing ourselves at work, of producing value and of doing business together that depend upon our individual and collective level of awareness. They suggest new forms of sensitivity and inner capacities, and new social architecture characterised by collective intelligence and transparency – as well as radical approaches to innovation and leadership.

“I found a much larger space in which I could meet clients, as we learned to bring light into the human systems and to help them in their evolution. You are a wonderful teacher: clear, intuitive, with an open heart and mind, a perfect blend of teaching, practicing and integrating.”

“I am aware of how precious it was to be with you, to sense the whole field so easily and to be curious and alive. Much gratitude for the work you imparted to [our team].”

“In your work with the company you’ve demonstrated great competence and insight. I emerged with clear steps to take our new projects to their next level.”


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