Inner Leadership

The higher intelligence in what is loosely called leadership has its source in the personal and the transpersonal, springing from intuitive, emotional and other sources that are unbounded. While we have long known that higher-order leadership characterises people who are able to hold a meta-perspective, it is less well understood how this crucially depends on how much they are conscious of their transpersonal connectivity – their access to higher consciousness, and on how they bring this into alignment with their life-goals, professional environments and projects. This implies multiple capacities and skill-sets which emerge organically through inner alignment, as a consequence of it, rather than ‘things which need to be developed’ according to the prevailing paradigm.

Embodying Higher Consciousness provides a path to leadership that arises from an inner ground. This is leadership that can transform the life of an individual, a group or an organisation – even a society – into a strong field for evolutionary change. Here power has less to do with any well-placed or skilful individual and more to do with intimate connectedness to the whole and capacity to act from that place. Such power is authentic in the way that it also empowers others – enabling them to align their work with their deepest values and most fearless vision.

In this work we identify your inner leadership edges to release much more of your innate creative and leadership potential. We work through hidden obstacles to change and connectivity – through whatever shadow areas or entanglements may lie within your personal or professional context and which may well be more-than-personal (arising through the inherited and cultural fields of which you are a part). And we use the whole-systems intelligence available through higher consciousness to facilitate the emergence of powerful new inner structures and personal potentials.

This results in much more social and affective competence – in leaders who are aware of their responsibility to inquire into more of themselves and to make this more available, consciously bringing shadow aspects into the light on an individual and on a collective level. Leaders who are unable to access and operate from these deeper levels of emergence will depend on imitating others, and on recycling familiar patterns, ideas and behaviours.

In Inner Leadership you will learn to:

  • become more resonant with the whole field of human interaction, and to cultivate and lead from a more attuned inner connection;
  • develop sensitivity to some group and organisational processes, cultivating clarity and authenticity and nurturing a more transparent field;
  • relate differently to complex environments, working at energetic and vibrational levels to access higher intelligence and discover new ways of leading there.

At the more advanced levels of Inner Leadership that are also available, you will learn additionally to:

  • integrate systemic whole-field principles into your work, identifying invisible dynamics and hidden entanglements in human collectives, and learning new problem-solving skills;
  • intuitively shape group or organisational processes, nurturing a more transparent field and leveraging evolutionary potentials;
  • become sensitive to where an organisational or cultural field is open to further emergence and how this might best be helped, working to support people or teams to release their creative potential and to catalyse strategic and cultural change.

Inner leadership is available through mentoring arrangements (three-session minimum) or training formats, and the Heart of Man programme also impacts powerfully on men’s leadership – contact me to explore which of these options may be most appropriate for you. Note that in environments where some people may not be native English speakers we use simple English and are creative with any minimal translation needs.

The key leadership challenge of our time is to shift the inner place from which we operate… We have to listen with our minds and hearts wide open, and then connect with our deep sources of knowing and self. It’s only when we pass through this eye of the needle – letting go of the old and letting come the emerging self that we can begin to step into our real power: the power to collectively sense and create the world anew.” (Otto Scharmer)

“We had a powerful session: I understood on a level well beyond the mental and well beyond words that we are really at the cutting edge of exploring what the co-creative relationship of the individual and the collective can mean.”

“Stephen personifies an all too rare healthy, mature masculine principle, patiently calling us to our best selves – and does so in the most piercingly unconditional and gentlemanly manner. Through his guidance, we are each uniquely empowered to bring forth our intuition, somatic awareness and spiritual savvy. His generosity and grace is beyond compare.”

“There have been other workshops and other teachings but the way you presented was clarifying beyond measure. The door was open – it was up to me to walk through.”


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