Innovation Capacity

Innovation is a gift from the future that depends upon our sensitivity to a certain kind of knowing in the present. Every groundbreaking innovation is based on an inward journey to places of unknowing that allow a deeper more essential intelligence to emerge.

We develop innovation capacity by cultivating a willingness and core ability to explore unknown places within the subtle realms, learning to attune to the whole field of life and to its emergent innovative potential. With skill, we learn to intervene there decisively and appropriately. In cultivating this capacity we find that our creative potential is released and astonishing flows of creative impulses result. Crucially, as we learn to embody more higher consciousness, our ability to make these impulses manifest as innovation – individually and collectively – is also strengthened.

The awareness and impulses that start to birth through us from a different level of intelligence give rise to initiatives that inherently carry the seed of a new future. This is a future that brings us towards higher possibilities of humanity, a mutuality of responsibility and co-operation, and a deep caring for the wholeness of ourselves, for our ecosystems and planet.

In Innovation Capacity you will learn to:

  • cultivate sensitivity to the subtle realms of life and to listen especially for the subtle quality of emergence, practicing how to explore and navigate there;
  • work at energetic and vibrational levels to align with transpersonal intelligence, attuning to the higher potential of yourself, your team, your organisation.

Innovation Capacity is available through mentoring arrangements (three-session minimum) or training formats. Contact me to explore what is most appropriate for you.

Note that in environments where some people may not be native English speakers we use simple English and are creative with any minimal translation needs.

“Stephen brings a depth of holding and inquiry that is quite unique. What he demonstrates is a new cultural capacity – so that innovation and real change can land and flourish.”

“The journey itself and the place arrived at surpassed all hopes and expectations.”

“Stephen is a man of deep humility with a sense of calling to use and expand his skills for the evolution of humanity. He does not rest on his laurels but is constantly open to what this cutting-edge work asks of him.”


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