Purpose and Potential in Business Environments: a seminar for managers and leaders, coaches and consultants

At what level of consciousness is your business conducted, and to what level could it evolve? If, like me, you find that the whole deeper field of most people’s business activity is one of largely unfulfilled potential, then how could you change yourself and your business practices in order to transform it?

One way is to cultivate sensitivity to much larger contexts and to hidden fields of information. This enables us to see beyond those immediate issues, problems and crises that concern and often blind us. It helps us to become more sensitive to the potential that lies underneath an apparent problem and to work more directly and consciously with the deeper invitation there. This leads to more authentic transformation and more sustainable outcomes, and helps people and businesses face their choices with a much deeper awareness of the bigger picture.

In professional environments we can learn to explore, include and transcend whatever issue or problem is presented by extending our perceptual focus. This reveals underlying dynamics that often prevent people from finding resolution to blockages or repetitive patterns and behaviours. It also stimulates radical innovation-capacity and strong leadership potential.

This seminar is for anyone who works – or who would like to work more deeply – with other people in business environments, and who is ready to strengthen their own personal and professional development. Contact me for more information.

“I cannot yet comprehend the consequences of the business seminar for my life but feel a massive change. Please keep up your work – it is so needed in this world.”

“I want to thank you for a very unique experience last week. Both the team and I had very intense, authentic moments that were just waiting for someone as professional and unique as you to work with.”

“Stephen brings a depth of holding and inquiry that is quite unique. What he demonstrates is a new cultural capacity – so that innovation and real change can land and flourish.”


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