Training Events

Training events are intended to strengthen higher consciousness in people who work with others – or who aspire to – in any therapeutic or healing or leadership capacity, for instance as coach, catalyst, counsellor or consultant. These events are powerful vehicles for visionaries in any field. Many people are drawn to participate for their own personal empowerment and development, others for their businesses or communities, or to deepen their impact through their work. The events are open to anyone who wishes to commit to their own inner development and to the power of their presence in the world.

Training events usually last between four and seven days. They may build on previous trainings and are always accessible to people joining for the first time. Note that in environments where some people may not be native English speakers we use simple English and are creative with any minimal translation needs.

Training in Working Through Higher Consciousness in Professional Environments

Your ability to work through higher consciousness, to bring about radical change in yourself and in the world, depends upon your sensitivity and skill within the subtle realms of reality – upon your ability to attune to the essence or core energy of people and places. In this training you will deepen your capacity for higher consciousness, learning to recognise and attune to frequency, and allowing for movement, change or healing. You will learn to relate to and work with other people in ways that are more awakened and transformative. You will learn to become more essential in who you are and how you live or work.

In higher consciousness work we bring light to those shadow areas of ourselves where we hold back from a fuller expression of life, learning to sense and release blocked energy and fulfilling more of our higher potential and purpose. In doing so we cultivate an embodied, somatic intelligence, learning to draw on inner supportive forces to create powerful new ways towards more holistic solutions – for ourselves, our workplaces, communities and cultures.

Our work will comprise small and large group exercises, dialogue and teachings, inner alignment practices and systemic constellation approaches. Together we will practice:

• becoming more resonant with the whole field of human interaction, cultivating a more attuned and stable inner connection;

• integrating systemic whole-field principles into our work, identifying invisible dynamics and hidden entanglements, and learning new problem-solving skills;

• relating differently to issues within complex environments, working at energetic and vibrational levels to access higher intelligence and discover new opportunities.

Higher consciousness is more world-centric than egocentric, more attuned to the whole human collective than with the preoccupations of the self. To claim and consent to more consciousness is to support radical change in yourself, in your environments and in the evolution of us all – of humanity. It is to co-create a new world through becoming an ever-clearer channel for a higher frequency of life. This is a time of tremendous inner transformation. Please join us to become part of a powerful movement for change.

Training in Inner Leadership

Training in Innovation Capacity

If you would like to explore whether a training event is appropriate for you or your organisation then please contact me.

“Stephen’s work strengthens my own skills and gets me involved with something bigger than myself – developing a higher consciousness that lies beyond my own preferences and comfort zones.”

“In your work I have found a home for a longing in me to integrate my love for the systemic approach in the depth, wisdom and simplicity of the mystic traditions. Thank you so much for mentoring this work and the capacity, competence and love to manifest it and bring it to fruition in others.”

“The training taught me to listen and tune into fields of information, to take responsibility for what I learnt there and to live with more intensity and more fun.”


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