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Inner Reality

“But when people stopped wandering and began to build towns and cities and lived without taking long walks together they began to have ideas that everybody’s Inner Reality should be the same, and they argued about it rather than respecting that every person has a unique experience in their Inner Reality.

They began to think that Inner Reality should be as consistent as Outer Reality. This was their great mistake, for then the inner richness of every person began to be eroded, worn down, compared and argued about. And occasionally a strong leader would appear in a city or town who would insist that there was only one Inner Reality and that everyone should see the same thing in it. This was the greatest assault ever upon the most creative roots of the individual person.

You see, this began to destroy the very glue that held people together and that enriched the entire community. The Outer Reality held people together only when there was danger or when people were in need and had to cooperate in order that everyone would be fed and could survive. But the Inner Reality was the source of each other’s gifts and when they were properly shared with each other there was tremendous abundance in the community.”

Steve Gallegos, Dream Visits.


Why Grounding must precede Embodiment

by Elizabeth Andes-Bell, with thanks.

“One fine spring day, several years ago, in Manhattan, I witnessed a man getting struck and killed by a truck. He was crossing against the light at 72nd St. and Amsterdam Ave., looking at his cell phone. He never saw the truck coming. A loud boom, a few bystanders screaming and then, stunned silence…

Yes, the example is extreme but, as we walk through life, fixated on that super-computer in our hands, grounding our energy into our bodies, our place and time has become more and more of an issue.

Awareness. Strength. Responsiveness. The ability to spot trends and see patterns as they are arising. The ability to engineer pattern shifts. Creativity. Innovation. These are some the real fruits of being grounded. The first technique we use (and we return to again and again) is grounding, drawing energy from the head and chest, down to our roots and bringing the light all the way down to our feet.

Grounding jump-starts the polarity of your bioelectric charge. It makes you pulsate at the cellular and at every other level of your being. It activates the energy field from static to flowing. Then we can shift our energetic distribution out of distortion and defense. We come into greater balance and clarity. We become containers capable of holding nuance, contradiction and the higher, organizing frequencies that weave beauty out of chaos.

We all need the Stability of Being that grounding can bring us. None of us can fully open to the dynamic potential of our soul’s longing until we are consistently grounded enough to manifest it. So, we ground first, in order to embody. It’s a crucial first step energetically and it gives us a place to land, to root into and be nourished by. For many, especially those struggling with trauma, grounding itself is a healing practice.”


Constellating The Swiss Field

On Saturday 22 April 2017 at Schloss Glarisegg, Northern Switzerland
Systemic shadow and healing in the Swiss Field, its culture(s), inheritances, purpose and potential. There is no requirement to be of Swiss nationality to take part. Times: 9:30–18h, cost: by donation.

I experience on many levels that collective shadow agreements and their healing movements want to be seen more deeply and clearly. In my journey working with personal and collective healing I have noticed repeatedly that the shadow dynamics of the Swiss collective tend to be rarely explored or consciously expressed. Most of the time, ‘bigger’ topics like German history and its collective dimension draw attention, and there appears to be no time or space left to dive deeper into the Swiss field… This mechanism is fascinating, since it also expresses itself on many levels of the Swiss cultural and political landscape, while serving the very useful purpose of postponing the inquiry into how the Swiss past is represented in us as ‘sometime later.’ It is in itself part of the issue, an important function we collectively (and unconsciously) agree on so as to less feel (often for good reason) what may be experienced as uncomfortable. At the same time, there is a deep longing to integrate and honor, to explore more our participation or non–participation with global and European dynamics – to emerge into a new future and deeper potential.” Daniel Auf der Mauer

This day is open to members of the Schloss Glarisegg Community as well as to others. You’re invited to bring your personal and collective issues connected to Switzerland, to your ‘being Swiss’, to your relationship with Swiss culture whether or not you are of Swiss nationality. I will constellate in a way that represents some of the issues present in the room so as to reflect collective dimensions. We are opening a conscious space of inquiry and healing movement rather than looking for personal solutions. PLEASE NOTE that prior experience in constellation work is required.

Register by email with Daniel here if interested in joining us (some accommodation may also be available, contact Daniel).


Become Willing And Able To Die

“The real man or woman learns to live by becoming willing and able to die. Such a one is able to confront the difficult barriers and frustrations of this slightly evolved ‘world’ and (yet) remain capable of ecstasy in every moment. Therefore, the primary initiation that leads to human maturity is the confrontation with mortal fear.

Only when the ultimate frustration that is death has been fully ‘considered’ and felt and understood as a process can the individual live without ‘self’-protective and ‘self’-destructive fears.

Only in intuitive freedom from the threat and fear of death is the individual capable of constant love of Life and also of the transcending of the frustrating and ‘self’-binding effects of daily ‘experience’.

Only in freedom from mortal recoil is the individual capable of ecstasy under all conditions. Therefore, be alive, but learn Life by first dealing with your death. Become aware that you do not live, but that you are ‘lived’ by Life. Become the devotee of Life by surrendering your illusion of independent life, the body-mind-complex in ecstatic communion with the Divine.

Become willing to die in any moment, and maintain no inward armor against it. Die in every moment by not holding on to your life. This Reality-Way is the most positive Destiny of the individual and the ‘world’.”

Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary (1978), Adi Da Samraj. Photo by Cristina de Middel.


Subtle Energy World-Work

In a recent weekend for subtle-energy enthusiasts (at the Rose Window Hermitage in London), we inquired together into those unconscious aspects of ourselves where we hold back from life, and where the next layers in our wounded imprinting are available to be surfaced – often through transgenerational and collective trauma.

This deepens our sensitivity to subtle intelligence, and can entail radical shifts in perspective as we ground ourselves at higher frequencies of life. Through relational practices, we learn to listen for subtle movement and to act on this in daily life, with healing effect at multiple levels.

I believe this impacts upon our genetic imprinting, and invites new blueprints for human evolutionary development and expanded realizations of reality. We are embodying more of our multidimensional selfhood, deepening our capacity to manifest higher Soul potential through everyday life. This is subtle energy world work, or inner activism, in which we are claiming more of our sovereign sensitivities, and are learning to facilitate change from inside – as part of the emerging field of global consciousness work, a field where alternative futures await us, here and now.

We will be continuing this work and inquiry in California this June, and in Germany, Findhorn (Scotland) and London again in the autumn. Do join us – latest information is here.


Inner Ecologies for the Future

Deep-dive sessions last week with an international group of 40 young people in Switzerland for the Ecovillage Design Education – two sessions on “Inner Ecologies for the Future.” So powerful to engage with the heart, soul and awake-spirit in this generation, integrating teachings and systemic constellation exercises on karmic and ancestral inheritance, personal and collective traumatic imprinting, and embracing themes such as power, authority, sexuality, gender, and much more.


Some people may return to Switzerland for our weekend soon in mid-March – on ‘Higher Consciousness in Collective Healing Work’, about which information is here – all welcome!

Three Key Questions on the Upcoming Online Course


Because through the intensity and intimacy of a committed and international online group of no more than 50 people, frequencies of consciousness become available that open us to other dimensional realities, inviting and supporting next steps in our lives – through awareness-expansion, relational practices, and healing movements.
These are dimensions that release in us next-level perceptual skills and capacities, both individually and collectively, activating potentials that underpin the evolutionary trajectory that so many of us are now poised to participate in much more fully than before…


The teachings, dialogues and practices come from frequencies of consciousness that – very clearly and increasingly, with some urgency – are available now to lovingly support us whenever we gather as a collective in this way. The evolutionary invitation and the stakes involved ARE collective now, more obviously than ever before. For many of us, our spiritual life and practice is ready to be infused with deeper levels of collective, social or relational engagement: this is where healing awaits us, and when it unfolds in online containers such as these then its effect is amplified far further than the container itself, contributing to an exponential expansion in humanity’s capacity to manifest alternative and higher-dimensional realities on Earth.
We are invited to a more subtle exploration and embodiment of inner world-work, no less engaged and effective that anything we may be striving to do ‘out there’ in the world, while we long for ways to make a difference, often feeling an apparent lack of opportunity or leverage. The higher dimensions of consciousness are here to demonstrate to us that any sense of lack or disempowerment lies within us and can be healed: it is only within us that we learn to become more available to the love that is integral to our essence or core, our birth-right, the deepest and most divine expression of Life. In these courses we learn to literally open to and host a higher and more expanded possibility of ourselves: an expansion that embraces much more of our whole self, so that at the level of soul there is more of us available to incarnation in life.
The Course begins on 21 February, all the information is here.


“I immediately felt my energy shift and dimensions to which I formerly had less access became more available.”
“My life is truly, radically different and I’m astonished at all that you gave.”
“I’m stretching wider than I ever have – a window has opened here…”
“Thank you for the exquisite way you lead others and allow the unfolding paradigm of the Beloved to emerge in your work.”
“Grateful I am for all the gifts I have received – I have been forever changed and deepened by your work.”
“Thank you for the way you honor and facilitate the emerging alignment with the higher human blueprint.”
“Amazed at the way you have brought together awakening to higher levels of consciousness, working with the essential dimension of the soul, and the constellation work.”
“An honor to explore emerging capacities in sacred spaces with you. Such expansion, integration, deep discovery!”
“Thank you for revealing the place of Soul in such a new and accessible way, I’m feeling profound shifts.”
“Your ever-deepening presence created and nurtured a container which helped to facilitate the beautiful unfolding of so many souls.”

The Edge of Wounding (seven minutes)

What we’re providing here is a context for us to begin to feel more of the layers of our own wounding, and to presence and track that, in subtle ways, so that through that, without stepping over it, we also come to the edge of the larger or deeper collective field of which that wounding is a part…



Collective Healing: A New Dialogue

Yesterday I recorded this dialogue (below) with my friend Daniel Auf der Mauer, on a theme that is central to the field of this work and beginning to attract a lot more attention:  collective healing.

How are we to understand higher consciousness and its healing impact on a collective level? What or who is being healed? What are the entryways or portals into this dimension of the work, and what seems possible, even within short events and gatherings?

Enjoy these extracts from our dialogue – around 20 minutes long. They come just after the recent event in Berlin, just before the one in Switzerland this March, and before the new online course (where this theme will also feature) – beginning next month. Please listen and join this work.

Here is some feedback from participants in the Berlin event:

“Something huge has shifted for me. I am feeling back at home within, and a strong sense of reconnection. Wow, what a journey, and what a joy to be able to follow this through and get a better understanding of the underlying energetic processes. This first experiment in collective healing is just the beginning of something big and hugely exciting and I feel honoured to be able to take part in it.”

“I appreciate how Stephen and Heike create situations for the collective to be deeply felt in each of us. But it’s not only feeling – there’s a unique clarity around the self and its connection to the awakening collective and to higher consciousness that helps the three integrate. Thank you!”

“I am still feeling the strong effects – it was a life-changing experience. I’m still bathing in what came through us all.”

“My whole body-mind has gained a new inner dimension – thank you to Stephen, Heike and the whole group for being a container allowing inner growth and the experience of transgenerational connectedness.”

“Stephen and Heike have opened me to the experience that I am woven into collective fields in a way that I can only bow down to and be grateful to be a part of, the workshop is still alive in me.”


A New Audio-Dialogue

Just available are these selected extracts (40 minutes-long) from a recent online dialogue to prepare for the upcoming Online Course “Awakening to a Higher Frequency of Life” as well as the next in-person events, including those scheduled for North America in June 2017 – in Canada, and in California.

Among the questions covered are:

How does personal consciousness work become collective?
What makes higher frequencies of consciousness available to more of us?
How does trauma out there connect with mine in here and what is my responsibility?
How is this work different online than face-to-face?
How does my participation in this work impact upon others?
… and many more questions and comments …

Much gratitude to all those who participated in the call in different ways – for your essential presence in the evolving field of this work.