Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

You are welcome to the field of my work which has evolved over many years. During that time the following conditions and terms of service have emerged as helpful for the containers that I and others hold when working in this way; they are intended to support you and all those people who generously organise or promote this work. In particular I’d like to draw your attention to my updated Privacy Policy regarding my use of people’s personal information – which I invite you to access and check here (opens as a separate pdf).

However you use this website or any social-media platform for my work, whether you participate in an interaction with me (virtually, in person, or by email) or you participate in a public or private event where I am working, it is understood that you acknowledge having read and accepted my privacy policy and all of the following:

This website is for general information purposes only: Use of the site or interacting with me doesn’t substitute for qualified medical, psychological or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. I’m not a licensed therapist or physician and don’t offer to cure or treat any condition or prescribe any treatment. If you think you’re suffering from any disorder or condition you should consult an appropriately qualified professional or service.

Release from all liability: You understand that you’re solely responsible for determining how much you should safely participate in my work, including your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities. In attending an event, whether face-to-face or online, you assume whole responsibility for your health, safety and well-being. You understand that neither I nor anyone representing, promoting, organising or hosting my work will be liable for claims or damages arising from injury, illness, accident, loss or any other misfortune that may occur in connection with your participation, and that I disclaim all liability for any action or non-action taken as a result of my work.

Your responsibility, and refunds: Through my work, all interactions with me are intended to be primarily informational and educational. Neither I nor anyone representing me guarantees any outcome or result. You also confirm that you understand no money will be refunded after the start of any event or interaction, whether face-to-face or online (virtual), irrespective of whether you choose or are able to complete your participation or not. A refund may be possible before the start of an event, less an amount to cover administration.

Recording and filming or photographing, and publications: You understand that I, my organizers and hosts, have the right to take photographs, make video or digital recordings during any event or interaction and to use these to promote the field of my work. You release to the organizers and to me all rights to exhibit or use this work in any form – published or unpublished, and you understand there will be no financial or other remuneration for recordings or photography or any eventual use thereof, neither for initial nor subsequent transmission or playback for instance. Generally we prefer not to make recordings or video of face-to-face events, although we reserve the right to do this. We may be taking some discrete photographs – if you feel some sensitivity around this please speak to me or to one of my representatives prior to an event so that we’re aware of your concern and can aim to accommodate it respectfully wherever possible.

Where audio or video recordings are made of any event or interaction, and are provided to you afterwards, then these are for your personal use only and you don’t have the right to use them in any professional context or to make them available to anyone else. Doing so may also invalidate your participation in any event, either in progress or in the future.

You understand and agree with all of the above terms and conditions and are at least 18 years of age.

Thank you for your support of higher consciousness work!

“Simply fantastic – great work! The whole weekend was unbelievably exciting, impressive and inspiring – please come back soon!”

“A clear, humble and powerfully open vessel, Stephen’s transmission is direct and penetrating.”

“Thank you for the way you invite everything, the stillness, power and concentration. The work was a huge relief and I felt the transformation.”


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