I’ve experienced a shift in consciousness in my work with Stephen that was one of the most powerful processes I’ve ever encountered.
Through your work I have a much deeper awareness of myself through a higher frequency that I call love – this has enabled me to break through blockages in my life and work.
I cannot begin to encompass the depth and impact just two days did to alter me in a huge way – something has dropped away that was clogging up my life and my whole world has had a new operating system installed.
Remarkable healing and compassion for self and others emerges.
After I’d taken your workshop people kept asking what had happened to me because they saw light shining bright and radiating out of me in a way I had no control over.
Stephen has a way of working with the field, a depth of understanding and a way of being that is refreshing, inspiring, intimate and essential.
You created a safe container with your presence that invited my whole being to show up. Before the week- end was over more of the long buried essence of who I truly am unfolded.
Your gentle guidance and direction is like homeopathy for the soul.
In one weekend you created a visceral experience of what’s possible in human embodiment, linking the primal and the sacred.
The simple structure of your approach lead to an experience of dropping beneath language – I discovered a rich, vibrant and magical place of love, laughter and deep connection.
No words to describe how essential this work is – you’ve shared something that is helping to bring us all to new levels of consciousness.
The work with you is an awakening practice, helping me to glimpse previously unseen realities and to live much more from my potential.
Deep gratitude Stephen for your exceptional gift.
An invitation to a different way of being and an expanded concept of what it means to be human.