Where This Work Comes From

Embodying Higher Consciousness has developed in two interconnected ways – through recent innovations in the field of systemic family and organisational constellation work, and through ongoing research in embodied intelligence and collective consciousness.

Systemic and family constellation work is a way of identifying and releasing deep patterns within living human systems, with applications in family, organisational, and social fields. The approach honours the profound interrelatedness and multidimensional nature of reality, where complex webs of interconnections that transcend time and place become apparent and are experienced.

Constellation work is based on whole-field and somatic principles and the practice of presence – as a catalyst for higher consciousness. It demonstrates how sensitively exploring subtle movements within subtle energetic fields simultaneously produces effects elsewhere. This reveals hidden information and consequences beyond those we’re usually conditioned to perceive. With care it generates openings, insight and often healing, whether in an individual or collective context. We are enabled to see, feel and understand how unresolved issues from the past play out in our lives, with immense implications for our cultural and spiritual development, and to explore what we can do – or how we can learn to be – so as to facilitate movement towards resolution or restored equilibrium. For several years I have explored the transformational potential of higher consciousness through constellational process work, adapted and expanded beyond the original constellation form. Here is a brief introduction to systemic constellation work and here under Resources you will find a short video of images from my constellational process work (Embodying Higher Consciousness in Systemic Constellation Work.)

Contemporary research in embodied intelligence and higher human potential has taken these discoveries much further. By cultivating and grounding ourselves in higher consciousness we enable the deeper field of life to work more directly through us – through the transpersonal intelligence that becomes available at a higher frequency of life. When we do this in groups we become containers for consciousness: collective containers that are enabled to access higher more essential levels of intelligence, either when meeting face-to-face or virtually (through an Internet platform for instance).

Sensitising ourselves to a higher frequency of life, and learning to anchor and embody this in our everyday activities brings a powerful and subtle understanding of where and how we need to act next – leading to much more sustainable outcomes and genuinely holistic solutions to our questions and challenges. It strengthens us in our lives and work, resources us in the next levels of our development, and brings movement to all the interrelated fields – intimate, relational, social or professional – of which we are an integral part.

Other sources

In Resources you will find more on the background to this work, and in About Me more on some key influences.

Embodying Higher Consciousness also derives from the fields of transpersonal and archetypal psychology. Other threads and influences include Psychosynthesis, Psychotraumatology, Somatic Experiencing and Infosomatics, as well as Arnie Mindell’s Process-Oriented Psychology, Gregory Bateson’s & Paul Watzlawick’s systems thinking, and recent developments in interpersonal neurobiology. Inspiration comes too through contemporary shamanism, geomancy and eco-therapy. I am a member of Thomas Hübl’s Mystical Principles team – a constant source of deepening and transformation.

“Stephen’s work, as an extension of Thomas Huebl’s work and in alignment with many intersubjective practices, begins to show us that the next level of human potential depends in part on a shift of focus from our individualized subjective experience to a deeper understanding of the energetic field in which we are embedded in and of which we are a manifestation. Stephen trains us in the ability to work directly with this field to effect systemic as well as personal transformation.”

“Deeply touched by the healing work in your workshop and the higher intelligence there. I had the feeling of looking into a wide space filled with love and so was able to trust the highly intelligent process you facilitated so clearly.”

“Stephen is doing what I consider to be some of the most important work on the planet today: teaching people how to connect effortlessly, joyfully, and in a fully conscious way to themselves and one another through the multi-dimensional ocean of energy that we swim in. This is the place where all of creation may be touched and deeply known, where problems are easily solved, and where everything becomes possible. I can’t recommend his work enough and can’t wait to experience it again.”


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